Galaxy S III mini specs and photo leak - dual-core CPU and JB

10 October, 2012
The S III mini will be officially announced tomorrow, but this is an extensive early look into its specs.

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  • Rogerpjr

Forgetaboutit!! Just get the Pantech Burst... Its my 3rd Android... ( Samsung 15800, Hu
awei Sonic, are priors ) and by FAR the best. Same screen a this Mini, 4 inch w/Super Amoled, BUT, with a KRAIT 1.5 GHz CPU) Very pleasantly surprised!! Thought I was prepared... Not even!!
Not perfect, but for under $200 new, who cares?
Just get it....
'Nuff said!!

I buy RAZR i or RAZR M , not this poor mobile X cost

  • Sony, Nokia & sa

ugly, i'll stick with the i9305

  • malon anak cabul

Galaxy S III mini = Galaxy S advance ? what the hell, its better used newest quadcore s4 play.

  • eMb

No S4, low res and probably lack of Wolfson for that price? Good we have Motorola RAZR M and new Sonys

Just got in so not read all comments but read news...So they are bringing out an S3 miniature with different spec so really its not an S3 miniature.How can they get away with this and why am i angry..???

I always wanted a smaller Note or SGS3 so when i heard they are doing a smaller 4 inch mini SGS3 i thought i am buying one...Now its not an SGS3 mini its a different smartfone so i am going for SGS2.The SGS2 is more pocketable than this false S3 mini..

SGS2 has super Amoled plus so proper RGB display as well plus i have all my accessories from when i first had SGS2,,ie extended battery,cases and MHL cable that never worked with SGS3..I sold SGS3 cause too big and accessories did not fit and ugly to look at,,SGS3 mini should be next fone but its not..

  • Anonymous

Scot, 10 Oct 2012Can't wait till they release the Note II mini. That would be the S4.

  • Sty

$515 its ovepriced................!

  • Jon

S2 now has same price and better specs in every aspects: camera, screen, processor, speed, battery... Why this phone ???

  • Scot

Can't wait till they release the Note II mini.

Samsung is trying to sell the brand S3. The more appropriate name for this phone is Galaxy S Advance II

  • miguel

Can a phone with a 4" screen be called mini??? Its almost the same size as galaxy s2 ... the specs are much worse and probably will cost more than S2 right now! Shame.. lol

  • zark

I don't think the price will be between 25-30k......! if yes i will save some more bucks & buy galaxy s3 full...;-):-D

  • Ozone

I like the specs. The size is just perfect for a phone - NOT a tablet-cross! The price is a bit off, if u ask me... 400 for a ace2-type of phone... no thanks, on the other hand, as I like the specs and the size, I'll, most probably, wait for the price to go down at around 200 (which it inevitably will in 6-9mths time) and buy it then, or get one under the counter. The size of the phone is very important for me, as I don't want to carry luggage behind me, just so I could fit my phone in. If i wanted a tablet, I'd get one, Better yet, I'd carry ma laptop. A pocket phone to wish fore - s3mini, its the price im havving issues with!

  • PanchoMR

This phone is already dead, not even close to the original s3 specs! Let's welcome this mid-range with a goodbye!

  • hussein

i like s2 or galaxy note it will be good with new screen and new resolution what can i do with 4 inch

  • ibbore

oh NOOOO...
I was hoping for the perfect phone, with SIII specs but smaller format, and a nice, solid aluminum wrapping.
But no, no.........
When will any of the manufacturers get it?!?!?!

I thought the size of a smaller screen was what triggered the "mini" slogan but apparently it is the entire phone specs. Why not call it a different name than try to associate this with the SIII? This type of marketing is kind of deceiving as the SIII is unique due to its specs (screen size included)

  • Anonymous

they screwed it, this needed to have same hardware as the s3, if not dual at least krait based

  • Anonymous

can't be correct, wait till the official launch tomorrow.