4-inch Samsung Galaxy S III mini officially unveiled

11 October, 2012
The S III mini is an Android Jelly Bean phone with a dual-core processor and a 4" Super AMOLED screen.

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  • Chris

Trust me when i tell you that this has the exact same specs as do Xperia U do, but Sony charges only 190 euro for that, except for Sammy, who wants doubled that price !

  • MeeGo Takeover

Honestly, If you buy this phone, you should be slapped.

This phone is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

do not compare with s2...its still way better than s3-mini

  • MeeGo Takeover

No no no, this is a Samsung device. You must ALL worship it. Bow to your master. You are the inferior race. Samsung is your Superior. Bow!!!

  • cnet

Looks like a great phone!
and the price point will be lesser than what rumors say for sure...I am surely getting one of these!

  • Anonymous

why would anyone buy this????? 2 year old technology.

saurabhaj1, 11 Oct 2012now will wait for samsung galaxy NOTE II miniThere will never be note mini as s3 is basically a mini note! Guess s3 mini name will sell better than advance!

Specs wise, L820 is better than this. Downgraded specs, shitty built, battery hog, hoardeder of cores and poor camera. Lumia any day!

  • Arcinost

Backward step for samsung

  • ankur

thank u samsung for making my decision easier. just ordered xperia p on ebay

It will be great to have Samsung Galaxy Note II mini,
what you say guys,

  • Anonymous

s3 mini = s advance

samsung please... it just the same phone with different shell and now with higher tag price i believe...

  • fdd

only a fool will buy this

  • yooyoo

An advice for Samsung, if you want to double your sale... Jst launch wave phone models with android jellybean

  • Bert

saurabhaj1, 11 Oct 2012now will wait for samsung galaxy NOTE II miniLOL! That's the Galaxy S3 man!

  • will lee wanta

i don't understand why samsung release s3 mini.
they have galaxy ace and galaxy mini anyway.
galaxy s3 is a representative of samsung's high end flagship phone. By adding "mini", they reduce the opulence of s3 itself

  • Archie

The Galaxy S2 is more powerful than this phone! And you call it S3 mini?!!

  • kai

ha ha that's a shame to the mighty 'S 3' :D :D
so cheap model and a total flop one...

  • man

it's look like samsung galaxy s duos s7562.
I think it's not SIII.

  • Gabi

As a direct competitor, I believe Xperia P is a way better option (better screen, camera, aluminium body) for less than 300 ...