Oppo Find 5 has a FullHD 5-inch screen, pics and specs emerge

18 October, 2012
Designed and made in China, and proudly so, the Oppo Find 5 is one powerhouse of an Android phone.

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no fm radiooooooooo.maybe in the next model.

  • Wario Prime

I'm in love! This Smartphone has all of that what I ever wanted! Very very nice!!!

  • A.Taha

perfect phone , but um ganna buy a htc J butterfly does i bought it or oppo finder and if is will be available to work in Egypt and how can i get it ??? please need answer thx alot .

  • 114

lik it

  • highendaudio

oppo makes fantastic hi-end audio/video products so it's no surprise they can manage to do hi-end smartphone as well. this phone is definitely on my shortlist!

  • prasau

stefb1964, 27 Oct 2012I bought the find 3 for my wife and was happily surprised with t... moreHey can i know from were did you bought your oppo find 3 ? is it online or from shop ?

When and where can I get this phone if I live in the USA?!

  • mr. wonderful

on the first place find 5 is the m0st thinnest ph0ne today, second is it uses quadcore processor with 2gb of RAM third is, it uses the most HD screen with a pheonominal looks.. and last you can just buy it for less than $400 its much, much cheaper than any any quadcore phone today.

  • stefb1964

I bought the find 3 for my wife and was happily surprised with that one already. I'm waiting for the find 5 to buy for myself.

  • Anonymous

vicky2009, 19 Oct 201250$ would be a perfect for this China phone. Stay calm! This phone is not for you. Go to buy the galaxy s 3 with 700 euros.

  • a s

hey guys will this phone be available in the middle east and what about its network i wish anyone answer me?

  • Phonenab

Stop saying bad stuff about china, if the companies ask for a high standard product and get paid for a high standard product then that's what the Chinese will deliver. An example is this phone. Don't sum up all companies as the same and don't insult a race or country that has offered probably the most to our world that what any other country has offered up to now and ever will, most probably.


this one is the BEST phone of them all. intuitive design, high specs, and jelly bean. all a person could ever ask for...

  • atilla

the fertile plains of the yantze and yellow river has always been burdened with supporting the largest population in the world. with over a billion people sitting there currently I hope they can contribute to human society more than they've had. it would be interesting to see per capita statistics on innovations and inventions. and they are know to claim any thing that happens in asia as their own.

atilla, 21 Oct 2012china doesn't know the meaning of originality, or innovation. You do realize that China is responsible for the invention of:-
Paper, Gunpowder,ink, Printing, the compass,Bells, Dagger-Axe, the Fork, Noodles,Rowing Oars,Rice cultivation,Paper Currency, Belt drives, the first bomb (iron cast), the tooth brush, first use of chemical warfare, civil service examinations, the crossbow, Football, the cupola furnace, dominoes, exploding cannon balls, firelance, fireworks, flares, flamethrowers, Forensic entomology, gas cylinders, the hand grenade, kites, landmines, magic mirrors, the Merit system, Natural gas, pig iron, playing cards.....and basically 90% of human civilization's early principle achievements. without which, smartphones and likes would never exist.
China has in one form or the other been the primary world superpower for most of recorded human history up until quite recently. And the fact is, they are already gaining their original position and no amount of ignorant jealous banter from the likes of you will change that.

  • Nike

i feel memorable touch to purchase this procuct.I wanna try and get it once in this life ...

  • Anonymous

Yani, 20 Oct 2012yeah its hillarious how smartphones advance! its not even funny... moregood look

  • atilla

myuu, 20 Oct 2012Funny - even the Chinese manage to build a cool Android Phone wi... morechina doesn't know the meaning of originality, or innovation.

  • Yani

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2012Who wants a Samsung Galaxy sIII or Iphone 5 anymore?yeah its hillarious how smartphones advance!
its not even funny anymore!
and thats why we love android... choice and progress ftw!

  • Gigigigi

ilover, 20 Oct 2012no bro ur wrong DESIGNED BY APPLE IN CALEFORNIA ASSEMBLE IN CH... moreassemble are closed to made isn't it ?