EE launching its LTE network in UK on Oct. 30, pricing revealed

23 October, 2012
The first LTE network in the UK will launch next week with price plans and speeds already revealed by EE.

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  • MattGamerHD

And don't forget mb is megabit not megabyte so in reality your getting about 2 megabytes download speed

  • nik

This 8-12mbps is avarage speed quaoted by EE's website (google it)

Since DC HSPA+ is max speed 42Mbps and it's around since May 2012 here, in Bulgaria. I easily do minimum 4Mbps when on hspa coverage. A have hit 7.2mbps actual real life speed on my sonyericsson arc s. I have seen Nexus i9250 making 1.5MB/s. Based on this experience I don't believe real life experience with EE's LTE will be 8-12mbps - ofcourse with a proper device.

  • Anon

realLTE, 23 Oct 2012wow 12Mbs? that's like 20320234 times more than 100Mbps? ... moreThat was a ridiculous statement...I don't care who you are, LTE in North America sucks, the only time you're going to get 100mbps on ANY LTE service, is if youre naked in the middle of the desert RIGHT beside an LTE tower, and nobody else is around you for miles.

  • loling

Even Arabian countries are having 4g since last year .......what a lag.....

Is UK a third world country? 8 Gb download data at 8-12 Mbit/s is not enough for streaming movies...! I pay less than £20/pm and get unlimited download data at 80 Mbit/s!

  • kempy1

there is no such thing as a iphone4s 4g

  • Elrawiel

4G Can't Wait, 23 Oct 2012Why no comment about being able to update your Iphone 4s / S3 / ... moreActually, you'll be getting a 4G LTEenabled iPhone 4S. They're not that daft.

biggest 8GB is for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month ???

  • realLTE

wow 12Mbs?

that's like 20320234 times more than 100Mbps?

great job EE uk/europe

  • kempy1

the uk are so far back other places have had 4g for a few year now so how can it be too earry ????

anonymous, 23 Oct 2012Three UK is already providing 8 to 10 Mbps speed in my area with... moreI get top speed 9.1Mb/s AYCE with Three network so why pay 56GBP to get same speed and limited 8GB? Three have good network but terrible customer service.

  • Anonymous

kempy1 , 23 Oct 2012none of you have a clue what your talking about its going to me ... moreEE is a collaboration of 2 companies and started last year. The other UK networks will roll out 4G within 6 months, EE wanted to be first to market, but looks what kind of reputation 3 got when they rolled out 3G service too soon.

  • anonymous

Three UK is already providing 8 to 10 Mbps speed in my area with HSPA+. Dont see any reason to move to EE

  • Anonymous

I'm with EE, and happy with my 3G right now. For the same price on my £41 contract, I lose 1 of my 2GB of data If I sign up for this LTE. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

Had vodafone they suck worst service and rude.

  • kempy1

none of you have a clue what your talking about its going to me 2 year before any other network get 4g ee have been spending years to get this right

  • vodafone suck!

Vodafone, 23 Oct 2012Vodafone is britains best networkeven yoda knows how much voda suck!

  • mark rowley

vodafone is britains best network. i work for them as a sales agent as i am sure 100% that we have the best network. i love getting to and from work everyday on my tractor to come and speak about the joys of vodafone

  • 3

3 is the best hotspot as much as you want

  • no.

Vodafone, 23 Oct 2012Vodafone is britains best networkn-o.