Hurricanes be damned, the LG Nexus 4 goes official

29 October, 2012
The Optimus G-based Nexus packs a powerful chipset and the latest Android 4.2 (still called Jelly Bean).

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  • mark

This phone is awesome deal cracker specs for just $349 is perfect ,with the new cloud back up system I don't need sd card slot

  • omg

The 8GB version (unlocked) is priced at $299
omg !!!! i'm so buying one !!! i was waiting to snatch a decent priced xperia s/galaxynexus/optimus 4x/htc one x off of ebay for around 230 pounds, but now i'll just wait and get this brand new for a little bit extra cash.

  • Anonymous

Oh, come on, how come no LTE? Iím one of those poor enough to upgrade cellphones almost every two years. Iím on an HTC Desire right now, looking for an upgrade option like this, but without LTE, itís a no-no.

  • Anonymous

dan, 30 Oct 2012It's always a good ideea to store your XXX HD collection on the ... more10-20% oh yeah!? I'm afraid there are more than you thought, I knew a lot ppl keep porn videos & pics in the sdcard secretly, they never tell you and pretend like the normal people you were talking about, I don't lie to myself, I watch and it's normal, tried of being those 80 to 90% people...

  • iVillos

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2012listen everyone NEXUS Phones WILL NEVER have external storage be... morenot reasonable...
ALL Droids are linux based and most of them have SD adaptors...

  • iVillos

delay, delay and delay again...
so i was about to buy the S3 but i wanted to give a chance to my favourite sony and waited for Xperia T. The T hasn't arrived in cyprus yet and now this LG Nexus monster is released...So i have to wait again till i decide. But now i know i'm between S3 or LG Monster... Will definetelly buy before xmass... Hope i have both choices in Cyprus or i'm buying the S3...

  • Anonymous

LG IS BETTER, 30 Oct 2012lg's haters are now jealousy... hahahaha. lg keep up the goo... moreLG is good only at hardware, they launched first Dual core phone and they are launching Optimus G which has very advanced technologies used overall such as Advanced display and battery, Quad core krait processor etc., but the thing is they are poor at software and giving updates, it is the main thing that keeps the customer satisfied which In there LG failed and fails. That's the reason many hates LG and doesn't want to buy a LG phone.

Even now they proved by delay in Android 4.1 update for Optimus G.

  • Babybear

16gb will be enough as you can upload your entire iTunes library to the cloud + it has
USB on the go so you could plug 1TB Hdd into it (on the go adapter req)
I for sure will be getting one for myself & one for my son !!
One phone to rule them all !

  • I

sajjad, 29 Oct 2012Nexus 4 8GB price is $299. Big blow to all other manufacturers.Other pages say it's 299 and 349 pound , no dollars x(

  • Alif Sang Fakir

Please leave us alone.. Bring your hates away!
I'm srry for what LG has did to you all.. ^,^

  • DubelBoom

Nexus will never have a microSD slot because Google wants you to use their cloud services!

  • boosook

Looks great, but who would buy such a flagship with only 8GB of ram? IMHO even 16GB are too few. Not releasing a version with 32GB, in this competitive market, is a big mistake. Many people will be let down.


lg's haters are now jealousy...

lg keep up the good job!!!!!!!!!
surly haters gonna hate this............

lg is come back! bang! bang! bang!!!!

  • Anonymous

GreekGeek, 30 Oct 2012I wonder what HTC&Samsung are thinking now ... do they feel ... moreBetrayed? Get real...Samsung made a lot of Nexus devices, why shouldn't other phone manufacturers have the opportunity to do it? Especially LG, which has the best looking phone, screen and hardware. Google kept on helping Samsung, but they finally realised that they helped them for nothing, they didn't evolved at all these years, which is not the case with LG.

  • Anonymous

Skipped Iphone-5 , waiting for Lumia 920.. But this deal is too sweet to ignore.. top of theline specs at low prices.. keep the same price.. will wait in line to get one.

  • J

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2012listen everyone NEXUS Phones WILL NEVER have external storage be... moreThe Nexus one had a micro sd slot. I think they should do a 32gb as well because shooting HD videos on this device is sure to fill it up quickly. i want one though BADLY.

  • Anonymous

ugliest nexus,why did lg get the permission to make the next one?

  • dan

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2012How am I gonna enjoy all my music and XXX movies!? Huh!?... no s... moreIt's always a good ideea to store your XXX HD collection on the phone .. for use at school and in the bus ...

For normal people doing normal stuff the 16GB option will be enough. For people like my wife the 8GB version will be waaay more than enough as she doesn't use it to store music or p0rn :) And these two categories represent about 80-90% of the people who actually buy phones (the rest is 10-20% made of spoiled kids who cry if they don't get a new iPhone for X-mass).

I still wonder why one would keep XXX material on his/her phone ... what has this world become?

  • nicana

With this price i will buy it sure!!!

  • Anonymous

listen everyone NEXUS Phones WILL NEVER have external storage because of microsft's Patented FileSystem...Fat32 or NTFS (i'm not sure)