Google officially unveils the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet

29 October, 2012
The slate boasts a 10.1-inch display with a mighty resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

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  • iHATER

love it... its awesome... the ipad mini will be crying on his dad, ipad 2.... wanna test that massive exynos 5 chip n the new mali T604 gpu which smokes every gpu out there...

  • Anonymous

why they never released any nexus product after the original samsung google nexus S in india??they would sell like hot-cakes especially the nexus 7

  • Phonenab

Definitely gonna buy the 32gb model of this but I am not so sure about the lg nexus.

  • Anonymous

why buy a ipad mini $330 ??????

  • kris

Amazing device with excellent pricing, the 16gb model will be 399. Also they have now disclosed battery as 9000mah

  • derp

been waiting for this! Excellent!

  • wisnu

any words when this beast coming to other countries, which is almost impossible ?

  • Nexus

& once again it will never release in India as Samsung still did not release Galaxy Nexus in India.

  • Anonymous


  • Dan


  • DaMan

Announcement just as Microsofts Windows Phone 8 Event is about to start. Coincidence?

  • Anonymous

finally a really good cheap tablet! ipad and rt yabs are nothing to stand in front of nexus 10! google i love you! of course will order it switching from galaxy tab 10.1 ! i already loved android tabs and true multitasking and widgets! qand will love to test a newer thing!

  • Pigger Nigger

OH my Gawd!!!!

Google you are seriously epic!!

Pricing the highest end tablet at a mere 399$?! Dude wow nothing is stopping this from selling like hotcakes :D

  • Anonymous

I want one! I deeply want one! No SD card is the only drawback on this beast, but look at it's price. US$50 more than the puny iPad Mini but with a Exynos 5 inside and a screen so sharp that can make you bleed!

  • glennuth

Says 9000mah battery on their uuk play store.

  • chupoltorero

$399!? hmmm...this tablet war is getting intersting :)

  • bind

this is good tab