Huawei announces Honor 2 with a quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM

30 October, 2012
The Honor 2 has a 4.5-inch HD display and will go on sale in China later this week.

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  • Anonymous

Honor 2 will be available after March in Finland! I read it in huawei device Finland(suomi) facebook page.


ghostBB, 30 Oct 2012Low price but the quality, no one can answerno way

  • mojtaba

Htc is my life

  • Arif

when will it be in Bangladesh?

  • muhib shah

bhupi, 31 Oct 2012whatever they (huawei)bring out is overpriced as per their face ... moresorry dude but disagree with you come on they are already selling this phone for a very low price 300$ is a little money for a quad core phone having 2gb ram and 1080p vids. other companies having same features in their devices are selling them above 500$. this move won't give huawei much profit.

  • dhiraj

when will it be in India?

  • Ld

emm.. this phone better than iP5 and WP device.

  • john

when will it be in Europe?

  • bhupi

whatever they (huawei)bring out is overpriced as per their face value in the International market.. they should sell their phones about half the price of their competitors models for a begining.. for the time being they are overwhelmingly overpriced..viz a viz brand values of the copmetition!!

  • harry

micromax, karbonn should learn from huawei how to make smartphones,,

  • mukesh

quad core soc
2 Gb ram
8 MP cam
LG nexus makes much more sense than this...

  • Anonymous

Huawei Rocks!, 30 Oct 2012i want this phone, the best quad core phone design and the best ... moreNo....lmao best phone ever? No. A good sounding phone on paper but then again so was the original honor. I own the honor, its nice but...the build quality isn't so nice and the specs were high end, but it disappointed in actual performance. Especially the cameras

  • afsan

we ae waiting in Bangladesh. How can we get the poduct of Huawei in Bangladesh? please let us know and thank you in advance.....

  • Anonymous

when will this phone launch in Kenya. For the price, the spec is impressive.

  • ballack

this phone is quite cost-efficient , but I'm waiting for Ascend D2 , which will be a amazing phone.

  • ballack

Ramola, 30 Oct 2012lot of phones are being announced by Huawei but they never come ... morethis is already available in China now

  • Anonymous


  • mustfarhan

Ahlan, 30 Oct 2012Really? No innovation? Huawei made their own chip "Huaw... morewow..this chip seems very powerfull

  • Anonymous

samsung getting done for copying apple yet have you seen how much that camera screenshot looks like an iphone im not talkin about the phone its self but the camera appp

  • Sean

Dara Park, 30 Oct 2012looks like an iphone or a lumia 820. . .hmmm,Looks nothing like an iPhone or Lumia. As for whoever said Huawei means cheap crap. Try using one before commenting. I had the Huawei G300 £100 pay as you go phone and it'specs,performance a d build quality belied it's price. Huawei can make quality products but at better prices unlike Apple or Samsung