Apple lose iPhone name in Mexico, revise statement in UK

02 November, 2012
A bad day for Apple indeed legal trouble in both UK and Mexico. (Update: Not quite)

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  • tuan.dilshan

to say da truth apple cant cant cope up wit da pressure da androids go to them and also they lack soo much......because they cant keep up da competition with da droids,they try to find smething wrng in dem and try to frce da issue bt i guess apple i goin da way i hv smethin to say to da apple fans........APPLE SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  • Ian

iBlackberry, 02 Nov 2012I suppose the whole world need to celebrate on this day.mustttt celebrate this dayyyy! of course

  • MG

Apple asked for it! No mercy now!

  • dodo

finally my dream starts to come true

  • Anonymous

The new CEO of apple is a fool ahahaha

  • kurz

before it was only a small piece was eaten in apple logo.. looks like in future the apple completely will be eaten and there will be only a seed and the leaf on top will be at the bottom stating we are closing down.. they are victim of their own.....

  • Anonymous

Apple can change the law of physics, they can own the name iFone, which has been there 4years before iPhone. Greatest innovation of all space-time.

  • luis

This is Karma... and being honest I'm glad Apple is paying for all the non-sense trials against competitors. I had respect for Apple, not anymore since their philosophy has been more about destroy the competition instead of innovate

  • guyver

The higher you claimed the harder you fall. ipity you apple.good luck on your way down

  • Anonymous

yep, this is the begining of the end of Apple`s arrogance...

  • ck4

it's OK. can use i -paint first... Don worry rotten fruit... :-)

  • Anonymous

2 many legal battle will hit back...

  • Dazz

I think they should make their logo to have a bigger chunk taken out of it LMFAO, you know what they say, what goes round comes around. It's stupid of them to fight so many legal battles at once. VP of marketing, iFail.

  • iBlackberry

I suppose the whole world need to celebrate on this day.

  • iSJ5

So what!

  • nosu

you're going down Apple :)) piece by piece

  • Anonymous

I love how everything is coming back to bite Apple in the ass hahaha!