Samsung sells 3 million Galaxy Note II units in just over a month

02 November, 2012
Samsung announced 3 million Galaxy Note II phablets sold in 37 days.

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  • Anonymous

Im guilty im part of that 3 you go Samsung you never turn back.

  • Van Marshya

Galaxy note II... This is what we call innovation !

  • Anonymous

mobiledatu, 04 Nov 2012How true that samsung will release a dual sim version of note 2?... moreDual sim Note II will be released on 12/14/2012.

  • mobiledatu

How true that samsung will release a dual sim version of note 2? If the rumor is true, when do you think is the release date?

  • Anonymous

Apple stock:

BEFORE iPhone 5 launch = $706 per share
AFTER iPhone 5 launch = $576 per share

The END is near...

  • TheNeighbor

dudin, 03 Nov 2012you like phablet, you should have waited for ipad mini.The iPad mini has no active (& not the rubber nosed capacitive type) stylus. Of course most wouldn't understand the difference. A capacitive can't hover preview, can't offer pressure sensitivity to manipulate line thickness, and Apple dismissed that idea as wrong design through Steve Jobs - "Once you see a stylus, they blew it." A 7"+ screened device can't fit a normal shirt pocket - a Note II can.

Again, this just shows that Apple users are so blinded by the branding and it's the only thing they think it's easy to use. The next probable thing they would say is that Apple invented the 7" category & others have just copied again.

  • nshamid

I got Iphone 5 and have used several android and apple phones in the past. But Galaxy Note II is the best phone I ever had. Even though I have both IPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II, I like to use Note II most of the time. Iphone 5 is now just a backup phone now (even though it was not the intention initially).

  • iFact

why is everything biased against apple competitors???
"note 2 has been on sale just over a month..." ???
Wrong. it was only officially ANNOUNCED just over a month and just started accepting preorders only by some carriers...

3mil in preorder only is probably what it should have said which is very close to, if not more than, what iphone 5 sold in preorders...

Not sure why apple is not going around bragging about their iphone sales numbers like they used to before... hmmm.. iphone5 has been on sale for at 6, 7 weeks but we haven't heard anything after the 7 or 8 mil figure (preorder + first week sales)...

  • mohamed adel

it is beter than the iphone 5

  • Anonymous

dudin, 03 Nov 2012you like phablet, you should have waited for ipad mini.yeah, can the ipad mini make phone calls...

  • dudin

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2012I have my Note for almost a month. It's an awesome looking sma... moreyou like phablet, you should have waited for ipad mini.

  • TheNeighbor

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2012how can a phone that play only mp3 and mp4 out of the box be med... moreHaha, that's why I use the first Galaxy Note, and waiting for the black dual-SIM 64GB version of the Note II.

  • n2

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2012how can a phone that play only mp3 and mp4 out of the box be med... morePhone not crap I had an iphone 5 now that was crap can't even get the file onto the phone never mind being about to play it! Apps from on Android free mx player plays avi films. Apple need to update their idea's itunes old limited crap

  • SkyerBizus


I am interesting from your information sharing.

  • Anonymous

TheNeighbor, 03 Nov 2012The Note II makes more sense being used for business than a medi... morehow can a phone that play only mp3 and mp4 out of the box be media centered?? this phone is crap, can't even play avi or iTune mov file without purchasing 3rd party app.

  • gilbs

Got my 1.6 GHz quad-core sweetheart last week. Can't want anything more! I haven't even discovered everything this beast can do. No lags nor hangs. Everything is so fluid (even when I filled the home screen with widgets!) With right-hand bias set, I can type SMS one handed with swipe keyboard (slightly tilted to one side for balance). Fits all my pants' pockets - size not bad at all, brings back my old Nokia 2110/Motorola Microtac days, except this phone's wider but thinner. Not bad for all the goodies it pays me back.

  • Anonymous

I have my Note for almost a month.
It's an awesome looking smartphone
I never feel N2 is a cheap plastic phone, in opposite it looks premium to me. Polycarbonate is a very strong and not ordinary plastic. I have the titanium grey colour.
It's big but the curvy form of the back cover makes it easy to hold it with my palm.
With Note 2, I can read report in pdf or other office format quite clearly. The screen is big and vibrant enough for my eyes to read pdfs. Just copy some reports into Note2 and no need to carry hardcopies or notebook to a meeting if only to view reports.
With stylus I can do light office works especially with spreadsheets that is hard to do with fingers, try it !
For me Note 2 is more than just smartphone. Phablet with great and useful functionality. Finger typing on Note2 is great too, much easier than on S2 I had.

I had raised my eye brows when Note1 was introduced because I though that thing was too big to carry everywhere in my pocket. Indeed I saw majority were females that used it. Probably females are carrying phone in bag not pocket. Slowly people catch the great idea and lately I see more male people than females are using it. I believe more and more people will use phablets and swing from standard smartphones.

I'm always a big fan of best value product. Note 2 is not cheap but it worths every penny I have spent on it.

Kudos to Samsung

  • privateryan

i got my note 2 a week ago.. what should i say? It's just amazing... very very good phone. very good battery also.. I'mm very very happy with it. I think no one can beat this phone.... the best!!!

  • UltimateOne

The Galaxy Note II is indeed a great phone, deserves this success.

  • Saru

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2012Congrats Sammmi - Good show. Make it a Dual SIM next time.Exactly my thoughts.. I have been waiting for so long for a dual sim flagship.. It has a huge market.. OEMs pls release a flagship dual-sim along with the single-sim flagship..