HTC DROID DNA photo leaks, brings HTC J's screen to the US

02 November, 2012
The device carries the ADR6435 Deluxe codename and would launch on Verizon in early December.

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  • migotka21

matheus brion, 03 Nov 2012why do you need more than 16 gb on a smartphone? get a netbook o... moreI thought so, too. And then I left my camera home when went to my relatives and used s2 as my camera and then I was lucky I had a spare card. Some pics and more pics plus 'movies' with my cousin's kids and the memory of my mobile was almost full and it wasn't even a whole week. My fault because I choose better quality recording but I had no idea it's take so much.

  • Android Man

well it looks good it will be a good phone. but i imagine battery life will be dire. i love my Note 2 king of the battery smart phones.

  • amir


ips 3 >super amould hd
sense4+ > touchwiz
htc build quality > samsung build quality

but :
htc advertising

  • psysect

its more beautiful & spc than note 2 next phone.

  • matheus brion

why do you need more than 16 gb on a smartphone? get a netbook or a tablet 32 gb is the perfect size

  • ramour

every thing about this phone is fantastic but battery capicity??im waiting for battery test..

this looks is very very very sexy and more beautiful than other phones that i saw..

  • Anonymous

Samsung best of best in world, waiting new products, and galaxy s4 king of smartphones

  • Muscatv1n

2,020mAh battery, seriously???? If HTC would put a 3,300mAh in it would make this phone very popular. A slim profile is fine, but not if the phone runs out of steam half way during the day.

  • MiddKnightBlack

lik, 03 Nov 2012 Don panic guys..its only rumor..i think htc is not fool they ar... morehave you seen there battier capacity
as of lately
i wont even be surprised

  • Anonymous

Funtional usage- 85%

Battery wise-10%

Battery department@HTC = ZERO

  • AP

HTC sense kicks Samsung Touchwiz's ass big time.....HTC needs better marketing...there's no point being 'quietly brilliant' forever

  • middknightblack

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2012HTC has big issues with putting better batteries i feel your pain!!!

  • MiddknightBlack

i would bbe tempted to get this
But once again thc fails to give
a matching battery for what the power
of the phone puts out
i was looking for someething along the line of 2800mah

  • O.o

I would buy this phone...if it is form samsung or htc.. motorola software support even worst than LG..

  • Anonymous

shoaib, 03 Nov 2012Samsung is the best..... waiting for Galaxy S 4Keep on waiting...

  • shoaib

Samsung is the best..... waiting for Galaxy S 4


I think this is an awesome phone BUT it only has a 16gb internal memory.. :( even though there is a mem card slot, it is still not enough for most.. Its a very powerful phone as it stated the leak specs above but why only 16gb?? doesn't make any sense to me.. the minimum internal mem by now to all smartphones should be 32gb with sd card slot. AND a 5 inch 1080p display with just 2,020mAh battery?? I am not going to talk about it anymore, common sense. Maybe i'm just gonna wait for the sIV to come out. At least samsung is kinda complete even though the design is bad LOL

  • ahkai98

show you are going to change, to let me give up buy padghone 2!

  • Ninja

Htc always had problem with battery capacity! !!!
2000 ml very low the huge lcd!!!
I love my note2.

  • lik

Don panic guys..its only rumor..i think htc is not fool they are gonna use a bigger battery