Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W brings 5" 1080p display to Russia

06 November, 2012
The Android-powered phone will launch later this week, but is its chipset fast enough?

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  • ely boy

dream come true for this wonderful aquos phone, i love it so much, hope the management of sharp will give me a sample of this nice phone, thanks much and im from the philippines.

  • johnny blue

I have Acer s500 cloudmobile 1280x720 display and what about retina? :))

  • Anonymous

So much apple garbage going on that such a beautiful device like this has almost zero comments

  • the_ulf

Ruwin, 06 Nov 2012Apple said they are working on a 2K resolution retina display fo... moreFirst of all, Apple will have to find themselves a manufacturer for said 2k display. And since the majority of the manufacturers and patent owners for those displays are actual rivals to Apple, some of which are still being sued or currently suing Apple, I would like to consider your ideas as unlikely for now. Also: what good is a 4" 2k display when video content is only 1080p anyways? And as for games or mere desktop resolution - well, it'll be sharp but you'll still need a magnifying glass to see a damn thing on that tiny screen.

Maybe you should stop trolling the comments sections on Android news items with your pretty lame Apple fanboi-ism, you're just making yourself look like a complete idiot.

  • SGM

IEski, 06 Nov 2012Well, Samsung Galaxy s3 Have 16-17 FPS in native resolution, and... moreThe Galaxy S III's native resolution is 720p, not 1080p. And it gets more than 15fps at 720p.

  • IEski

Well, Samsung Galaxy s3 Have 16-17 FPS in native resolution, and its pretty good for gaming, this can be problem for future gaming, but for now, its enough ;)

  • Anonymous

chupoltorero, 06 Nov 2012i thinks the 1080p screen is for watching video...and i dont thi... moreYou don't understand. This is not a desktop lcd monitor hooked up to a PC that can render at 800x600 and then let the monitor scale it up to use the whole screen area. The rendering happens at the native display resolution or is upscaled by the gpu.

Still. These plenty of performance in the 225 to play angrybirds and Hill climb racing. Temple run and other simpler 3D games should be Ok as well. NFS and so on May be a different story. But all in all not so bad.

  • Joshua Martin

Why would they run a 1080p display (the highest ever on a smartphone)on a sub-par GPU? The Adreno 225 is dated, and very much so powering that many pixels, it's going to affect the performance of the phone. They should have used to the S4 Pro with the Adreno 320.

  • chupoltorero

i thinks the 1080p screen is for watching video...and i dont think there is a game for android with native 1080p so gamin isnt an issue with this device...and once there is a game on 1080p, this phone is obsolete...

  • GPU

My 6 years old computer with onboard graphic can display 1080p desktop and movie smoothly, but does it run games smoothly? no. What I am saying is, if Sharp decide to go with 1080p and relatively low-end gpu, playing game will be the only issue. I don't think android nowaday, even with hardware acceleration, requires powerful GPU speed.

I have a single core Android TV dongle running at 1080p, there is scroll lag, but I can live with that.

  • apple-sux

Ruwin, 06 Nov 2012Apple said they are working on a 2K resolution retina display fo... morei am serious - looking at the developmet of resolution i think we will have 4k displays in 5 inch phones in 2 years.
720p 2011
1080p 2012
2k 2013
4k 2014
8k 2015?

if it is usefull or not is not important since marketing will tell people enything to sell there products.

  • Anonymous

1080p with adreno 225 is like low end android with 480p with adreno 200 lol...this phone is not suitable for full hd gaming.720p should be ok though...

  • Anonymous

Ruwin, 06 Nov 2012Apple said they are working on a 2K resolution retina display fo... moreSaracastic?

  • Ruwin

Apple said they are working on a 2K resolution retina display for it's next iphone. So FullHD is already outdated. :)))))

  • apple-sux

so studpid. they are already losing billions of US$ a year and now this. a 1080p display with such a weak gpu. nobody is going to buy this brick.

speaking about the sizes of the upoming phones. i don't see any reason to buy myself a 5 inch phone. alot of people are thinking that a mobile phone shoud not weight more than 130g and it should fit in any pocket.

a 5 inch phone is a fail!

  • zamroni

It is better they just make 4" or 4.3" with HD resolution. 13.6 fps will have a lot of stutters and likely useless.

  • Mobilemaster

fonehunter, 06 Nov 20122013 is the year of the five inchers. I agree!

  • fonehunter

2013 is the year of the five inchers.

  • Grishm

One does not simply put a 1080p display and an Adreno 225 GPU to power it.

  • Anonymous

Japan products definition seem like haywire nowadays. 1 UP with the rest dated hardware and radio and that's it? What's the star point? Just the FHD screen? No wonder all of them are going down now.

Bad quarter one after another, my god.. Where is those old Samurai strong determinations spirit has gone? Did it gone with their bad government, who only Know-How to divert attention instead working hard on the nation prosperity?