Apple's FRAND lawsuit against Motorola dismissed in US

06 November, 2012
Apple will have to successfully appeal the decision if it is to fill another lawsuit about it.

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  • Anonymous

Why apple always goes to courts instead of peoples heart? You are loosing battle because you just want to earn money. Today nobody cares just brand but what include in their product and price. Be friendly apple!

  • Anonymous

For the sake of technology, stop suing & pump the money in R&D.

  • M

apple farud lawsuit.


alien_mkd, 06 Nov 2012repostnext??

  • lawsuitfails

Is it me or have those suckers been losing lawsuit after lawsuit. Haha. they really seem to have their knees buried in poo now. Love how it is back firing on them. That should teach them a lesson.

  • En

I'm glad that the tides are turning in Apples lawsuit war :)

  • TDMaster

this year Apple lost lots of lawsuits..
they should stop with all this BS and start Innovation for their customers and not making money like this

  • alien_mkd

[deleted post]repost

  • Anonymous

n thats a kick to apple...
its GOOGROLA baby :P