HTC unveils October revenues, Q4 not starting off well

06 November, 2012
The company experienced a sharp, 61%, drop in revenues compared to October last year.

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  • BlazeHN

I have been fan of HTC phones for some years now, I just recived a HTC One X and I think is a wonderful device BUT it wasnt compatible with my SIM carrier for some reason even HTC ppl cant explain me. Sadly ill have to return it and get instead a S3, the sadder part is that I dont think ill be buying HTC again since I dont want to take that risk of incompatibility again =/

  • Jhonyy

who will by HTC ??? Maybe microsoft :)

  • nsx2680

Too bad. I like their phone, and I am currently using 1x. I am very much satisfied with it. Problem with HTC is their marketing strategy is bad. they should focus on phones features during ads not on models/persons promoting the phone. That's why 1x didn't sell well.

  • Mesho

I totaly agree with you guys! I had an htc two years ago, and i regret it! I will never buy another phone from them.
They have no support

  • Anonymous

in times of economic uncertainty, people will buy the more popular one just to be on the safe side. so people buy samsung not htc coz most people are not familiar with their products. and also htc is not very good at marketing which is one of samsung's real strength.

  • Anonymous

Well HTC is an example of what happens if you don't compete, I wish M$ had Used Windows 8 x86 instead of ARM for their tablets, then I might have got one (no x86 = no normal programs).

  • Anonymous

Aaron, 06 Nov 2012I don't see why HTC are continually doing bad. For me they are t... moreWhy dont you buy one, and you will see why HTC is going down. They peaked in success about two years ago, it was shortly before that they started shipping so many defective phones. You may not remember but many of us who had a HTC phones 2 years ago remember too well, no1 i know have ever looked at a HTC again

Another thing they should not have done two years ago was to never return phones that was shipped back for service before the customer was really really angry. In europe this was a big problem, ofcors HTC could not repair, those were manufacturing defects, so they just kept the phones for a while and after a few months when the customer had repeatedly demanded to get the phone back from service they would send it back, UNTOUCHED.

The money they should have used to replace defective phones 2 years ago are now lost, and thank God for that, there is justice in this world.

  • Anonymous

Thats great news, well deserved for making defective phones for so many years. Returning customers? No way, "never again" is the slogan for us who have owned HTCs.

Just today i came across one of their newest phones, Desire X, so many manufacturing defects as well, even the hardware buttons dont work well. Still making defective phones even now, for so many years, they never learn.

  • HTC

why won't the profits fall when all they can think of is discriminating a growing market like India, which is also one of the biggest in terms of both product and support.

  • Aaron

I don't see why HTC are continually doing bad. For me they are the only company that constantly make good phones, and the only company apart from occasionally Nokia that make good looking phones. (I mean, the Galaxy S III is top class, but it's a hideous phone.)
And apart from that they are the only people who can make a budget smart phone look worth the price. Take the Desire C for example; how many phones can you get for £139 with ICS? Just the Desire C.
I really hope they come back from this..

  • joe

Horrible figures!

  • kito

copy cat is dying!

  • kito

copy cat is dying!

  • Thephonegeek

Sorry. They are falling behind "HTC" in every way. . . . . .^ this "Htc" will be Sony. I can't even edit cause I'm not logged.

  • Hmmm

One example of bad business;"htc one x will get update JB in October!". They lie! Still no update ... And we buy premium model of htc! They will lose more ...

  • Thephonegeek

They are falling behind HTC in every way. Even sony has the best facebook page. Sony offers a free smartphone every week. This week they offered Xperia S.

  • hmmm

I seriously feel really bad for them :(

  • Anonymous

htc is going to dead