Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy S III mini hit UK

09 November, 2012
Retailers in the UK are now selling the first stocks of Galaxy S III mini and the Galaxy Camera.

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  • sanjay

s3 mini is really a crap.. can buy s2 at the same price and with good specs.

  • bobd

anyone work in carphone warehouse and know what the plu is for the camera yet?

  • s3

O my god

  • Anonymous

', 09 Nov 2012yawn =,='My thoughts exactly

  • Anonymous

Is it comparable to SLR cameras?If not,is it news that samsung is overpriced?

  • now abvailable

the camera is availble in Carphone Warehouse.

They have demo units availabie in stores and live units to walk away with


  • iHATER

galaxy S3 mini is too costly for its specs n stands nowhere near to nexus 4 ... waiting eargerly for nexus 4... for the first time i disliked a device from samsung n liked a device from LG...

  • Anonymous

We've got a demo camera at work and im really loving it tbh, im sony through and through but it is a brilliant piece of kit

  • Mejico ESMIERDA

Available in Spain?

  • '

yawn =,='

  • Anonymous