Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 go on sale, immediately run out of stock

13 November, 2012
The Nexus 4 is officially sold out on Google Play in the UK, alongside the new 10 inch Nexus tablet.

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  • werato

Both Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4 are above Iphone 5, even S2 which is apple`s correspondent for Iphone5 works better. Still, waiting for Nexus 4 to lunch world wide.

  • Anonymous

Banutu , 13 Nov 2012IPhone is better.Ok, here's the deal: give me $300 and I'll get you a brand new iPhone if I can't get one for that price from a reputable retailer then I'll just hold on to the money and use it to buy something else.

  • Lov3boyZ

Low price but cheap hardware :)

  • ANGO

When it will be available for Europe?

  • Teej

haha Death of Iphones... FATALITY!!!

  • JRC

Finaly Google has managed to draw some attention to it´s Nexus devices. It´s a pretty good formula, good product, low price.. This spells trouble for the likes of Apple and Microsoft.. The war on prices has begun, let there be competition!! And the consumer won

  • Pratik

Shobhit, 14 Nov 2012what about the launch in India..?? Is there gonna be a launch in... moreHi,
i don't think so google is planning to target INDIA for his Nexus....... Even on the Nexus is US imported to India...... so near by i don't think so.....

Jst put ur fingers cross.......

  • Anonymous

Very good smartphone. The most interesting no need tight up contract with networt provider. When it will launch in Malaysia?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2012yup. apple is so in control of the market is hilarious. LG ... more

wake up market expert........

  • alen

nexus 10 back on sale in US wooooooooow

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2012I dont see the Android crowd all using Chromebooks. What's your point?
crApple use ms office for their docs in their office. tim cook has an android phone with jelly bean. how the hell would he know that jb is smooth as butter?

  • Shobhit

what about the launch in India..?? Is there gonna be a launch in India..??

  • utouh

monster phone, forget s3 and ip5 it sucks

  • Kif

This is very disappointing and for the time being I'm just pissed off.
Oh well, now I'm even more excited to follow the Jolla presentation on the 21th!
Let's hope there will be phones available from them by the end of the year.

  • sagy

what about its battery backup?????

  • Ansh

Nyc phone waiting to get my hands on it

  • bora

even me in cambodia, i am waiting this guy coming too. hop to my hand on nexus 4

  • Azn

Country availability - Google Play Store:

  • Anonymous

Grishm, 13 Nov 2012I wish Google had a Play Store in my country, India. With so man... moreDitto brother. same here in New Zealand. No Play store for devises only Apps..

  • paul W

Just wish these devises were available in the Play store in my country.