Leaked Nokia docs reveal Windows Phone 7.8 features

15 November, 2012
Besides the new Start screen, there will (supposedly) be a customizable lockscreen and updated IE browser.

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  • Anonymous

rocketfish, 15 Nov 2012wow trolls are on the loose talking to each otherbecause you are thge only ms sales man here! are you happy with non supported lumia 900! even without angry birds star wars or space! lol!while android 2.2 froyo supports all of them!

  • Anonymous

still no words on native 3G video call support?
if it support native video call, then i think i'll give it a try...

  • mzaj

android is the best OS.

  • Anonymous

nothing fancy other than limited BT sharing!~ other than that very very minor changes! a new look with no more app supports and bad ie 9! loL! security update for IE 9 is fancy for theM! that is why picking up a droid is better! lumia 900 is so overpriced and for nothing , it was considered a high end for them but eve nno updates to it! at least android phones get at least 2 or 3 major updates if capable enough! galaxy ace plus and mini 2 are midranges and single cores and with a big jellybean update! xperia j also! and at least android can be rooted very simply!

  • rocketfish

wow trolls are on the loose talking to each other

  • tenshi

i do hope they release it earlier..

  • Anonymous

Crap...buy an iPhone

  • Anonymous

Dead platform anyway it cannot run wp8 apps even the wp8 lack apps