Sony working on a direct rival to the iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII

16 November, 2012
Sony has been quite an Android underdog lately, but its top brass says the odds are about to turn.

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  • Anonymous

i HATER, 17 Nov 2012u too r commenting raw on the S3 means all trollers r the same w... morewhat he saying is true. You samsung fan boys keep attacking every phone that is released to compete against the s3. You guys even go out of your way to attack the lumina 920. Unreal. I really hope another android company gives Samsung a run for their money right now. Go Sony go.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2012Dude, Bill Gates + his closest friend Warren Buffett have the sa... morewth are you talking about. I think you posted in the wrong forum.

  • areef

Sony wants to compete with iphone5 & Samsung siii in next year. What an stupid idea. The rivals will have iphone6 and galaxy s4. Wake up Sony. Try to beat the new model's not such old which will be 1 year old in the market as customers need new technology......

  • praks

Do it fast....i know u
Apple is good..but Samsung is just good in marketing...ur main compition with apple.....

  • Anonymous

Dude, Bill Gates + his closest friend Warren Buffett have the same amount of money Apple has, yeah poor little crApple don't get a chance against the big guys. looool

  • immie

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2012I actually meant, a full out Japanese company. not as in made ... moreya I think sony can bit both of company. but Sony is to making made in China............

  • john

The diaplay will be an igzo like diaplay. Which is stolen tech.
The japanese are pretty predatory and ruthless whe. It comes to stealing orbotech/samsung finemasking tech. I honestly think anyone involved.i. The theft like the japanese and chinese should get the death penalty in the mobile arena. Its so diagusting what the spies in israel did by selling tech secrets to the chinese and japanese

kurtdean, 17 Nov 2012Too many samsung fanboys commenting here. Just wait and see for ... moreu too r commenting raw on the S3 means all trollers r the same whether u r sammy fan or sony fan... if u criticize S3 means u r a dumb techie... i dont say sony is bad or doesnt produce quality products but they r not upto the mark as samsung... they dont know what customers want but sammy did know n also sammy has strategy n they choose perfect time for releasing a new flagship device unlike sony who releases any time n anyhow n god knows which is their true flagship out of 3 or 4 devicesso this is the reason for sony's failure

Uh, but I think yuga will be the GS4 competitor rather than S3. I'm still using S3 now, I still waiting for the int. Droid DNA

Samsung started it. Galaxy S3, LG Optimus G, then the Droid DNA. Now it's going to be Sony. I gotSGS3

  • posthc

commeptition is great !!! those push the market to be better than best

  • josh

Sony = made in china

  • Doraemonxoxo

In this cell phone's world. Few months are alot for today's standard. If sony said "Direct rival to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII", Is like saying "In the future we will have our flagship model rival to something apple and samsung built in the pass". For me, I think that is a big turn down. Can they aim little hagher like the next IP5s or GS4.

  • Dave

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2012i hope they dont fuck it up and put a XENON Flash and stop overp... moreAgreed! Xenon flash and less compression please!!

  • poyayan

Sony, don't target the SIII/iP5 because they'll be yesterday's news by the time your handset comes out.

  • Anonymous

i dunno if Sony Mobile has the resource (and the money) to build that kind of device.
they're just a small company after all.
but dreaming high is good...

I've used iphone4g Samsung galaxy s2 lg 3d max and now sony arc s and i think sony is the best for me,so i have high expectations for sony , odin this would be very fun to watch samsung s3 note2 iphone5 sony odin battling for the top spot my money is on sony

kurtdean, 17 Nov 2012Too many samsung fanboys commenting here. Just wait and see for ... moreTOuchwiz is ugly too..

Too many samsung fanboys commenting here. Just wait and see for the product not bash it. Its nt releases yet. I dont know what is so AMAZING abt S3. Its just cheap plastic with an ugly screen...