Our social login is back online, now supports Google too

16 November, 2012
You can now use your Facebook or Google account to reserve your nickname for our comments sections.

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great job guy..

plz gsmarena tell me that why don't you make commenting as easy as in BLOG SECTION

  • Android fan

I dont like to login for pposting comment on gsm. I mean users only giving there openion and if something looking wrong then gsm can delete that comment. Some time i posting something and afetr i see it not posted by site and then its so erritating

  • Anonymous


Thanks GSMarena....very helpful :)

GSMArena, why don't you make Disqus your comment system across all of GSMArena. All other tech sites are using it.

  • Omar Mohamed

A-man, 17 Nov 2012Cool... But I like the comment section of your blog more (powere... moreAgree with you.
And the comments aren't in a separate page.

In here too!

  • Ayaan Khan

Thank's Gsm Arena For Google Addition
It is Ossum and Great Step Forwarad With Google


that's good

  • Astron

Great job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thts grt

  • OZ

This is my first time to post here on gsmarena.
Great feature!

I have been reading your News for ages, and with this improve feature I certainly be more of a fans to gsmarena.com

Good job

great news . thnx gsmarena!

  • Mndhta

Gr8 wrk

  • frgt

cant login on facebook icon, only on google

right bro

  • GMG

Please make a GSMArena app for smartphone and tablet

login with facebook, 17 Nov 2012I can now down vote stupid commentsI feel you