ZTE announces four new phones: Grand Era, V790, V887, V889M

18 November, 2012
At an event in Russia, ZTE revealed four new Android smartphones, ranging from cheap to high-end.

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piaoliang, 22 Nov 2012Nhell, ZTE Grand X is already available in mobile shops in MO... morehave you seen a v790 in MOA? what store?

  • piaoliang


ZTE Grand X is already available in mobile shops in MOA, saw one today. It's on sale at 9,880.

  • Ajay

Yudie, 19 Nov 2012Dont do it!!!i wana perches this hand set

  • nhel

are the products available in the philippines?

when do they release it?

and what are the prices??

thanks :D

  • Anonymous

they are gs2 with bad designe

  • Anonymous

they are ugglier and bulkier versions of samsung phones

  • Yudie

Thephonegeek, 19 Nov 2012I'm gonna remove GSMarena from my bookmarks bar and add another ... moreDont do it!!!

  • Yudie

> In reply to [deleted post]

Chinese companies are monopoly killers, congratulations!

However, ZTE phones doesn't have just one look like Samsung or Apple phones. They are designed differently where all apple phones look all the same and Samsung phones also follow the device of their flagship. And only fool and crazy people buys over priced products to show that they have money.

I'm gonna remove GSMarena from my bookmarks bar and add another website that actualy gives news and reviews 24/7.

  • iLumia s3

People.......lets not forget where iPhone is MADE not designed. So lets stop saying china produces rubbish quality phoned

  • SwaggaTECH

Wao. Good quality smart devices at affordable rates. Lovely products from ZTE the 4th largest smartphone manufacturer.

  • watever

why some people cant accept the fact that a cheap (in price not quality)company is the 4th best cellphone in the world..u must be in a 3rd world country... just go to china and see what they have over there and then talk...,......u want everything made in usa then u might have to pay for a cheap flip grandma phone for the price of an unlock iphone or wat ever expensive phone u guys are using......井底之&­amp;#34521;

Is it me or did anyone else noticed that the smartphones are losing its design uniqueness these days (irrespective of brands). Looking at these ZTE phones, I realized that once again. I mean the first impression is the most vital thing to attract a consumer. Performance comes immediately after that. But, the looks of most of the smartphones, do not excite me. One anomaly is the Lumia. I hope to see more of exciting designs from the manufacturers soon.

  • Anonymous

looking at the previous ZTE products, i bet none of them support native 3G video call...

How they bcome world's 4th largest phone manufacturer? ZTE is a cheap+ugly chinese firm. LG, SONY far better than this 3rd class brand ZTE.

  • Anonymous

another bunch of phones you can forget about right after reading the announcement.

  • ZTE

Not sure how you guys can come up with cheap, useless, copy to describe ZTE? If samsung is a Mercedes talking about luxury and experience, then ZTE is a Suzuki that provide standard quality and practicality to get you from A to B.

Looking at the spec it provides full range of product to cover what most people on the market needs: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, and LTE version. In terms of OS support, ZTE is not the best and not the worst. Probably not the dream phone for North Americans, but definitely it's everybody's phone in other parts of the world