Amazon offers discount off AT&T Lumia 920, 820 and HTC 8X

19 November, 2012
Amazon US offers the AT&Tís Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC 8X half the price AT&T is asking.

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Seems wp8 phones noone is interested!! Compare to the new android devices from China android still number1.

  • ayu

Well people are just people, when the prices are high they complain prices are high, when they drop they say the product must be bad.

  • Anonymous

Doom and gloom, 19 Nov 2012Not even a month passed, and already discounts, ha ha ha. I gues... moreIt's the week of Black Friday. Everything is on sale. You can get a GS3 for $0 to $50, depending on the carrier. Try harder at trolling next time. I'm sure you'll get your own bridge one day.

  • vicky

Only the quarterly results will tell the sales figures. So just hold your gossips.

i hope android fandboys will get out of this thread! peace, it sucks to see those annoying fellow always posting android android whom they are not belong!

  • me

you guys are wrong, in most countries all wp8 devices are already sold out.

  • Doom and gloom

Not even a month passed, and already discounts, ha ha ha. I guess demand is so high that they decided to slash prices, not.

  • Anonymous

yep they are not selling.

I want a red international version. No att branding. Dont want their logo on my red lumia. But everything is preorder. I dont like preorder. Shit nokia. America and china aren't the only countries in the world

  • scrap

Well, I think this Elop wants to elop with nokia's remaining fortune. I live in India and till date only used the phones of Nokia. But it is true that they started to advertise those phones which launched at least six months ago and became considerably old. India is a strong market with its huge and developing population base, still Elop trying to sell us backdated phones, what type of dumb business policy is this ? At least he can learn from samsung how to sell.

  • Anonymous

Cuz no one wants them xD

  • Fizzy

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2012Or these crappy proprietary feature phones are selling badly and... moreI'm no expert, but I thought GSM Arena Already reported that stocks were low @ AT & T Stores in almost all colours, to me that shows the phone is selling pretty well, at least @ AT & T...­leted_in_most_colors-news-5090.php

....however if a company wants customers to buy the phones from them instead and can afford to charge less because of not having any overheards to run a shop, then that could certainly explain how Amazon can afford to sell these phones at those prices....

I feel the same way bro, Nokia fans around the world, where their market still holds a strong position especially with dumbphones would be a great place to get people to move from entry level phones to medium and high end feature phones...

I feel like Brazil and India are way over-rated by Nokia, we could easily/probably be it's strongest markets...

  • SS

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2012Or these crappy proprietary feature phones are selling badly and... more

one more thing... S3, note2 was available in Indian market much much earlier....
Never saw a single ad for L900 till this month...seriously......trying to throw in whats left in your stock to us..... Oh yeah Asha series was a consolation prize or is it really

  • Anonymous

Indeed, if everyone's so crazy about these phones, why these discounts? It was exactly the same thing with Lumia 900 and we know how that ended.
If Nokia and HTC could sell these at iPhone prizes, they absolutely would.

  • Anonymous

Amazing, the best phone in the world and the price is so cheap.

when are we going to get some lumia920/820 action in India.... This festive season nokia was still advertising L800, L900 ...WTF, In a way it is good, atleast we know for sure what we are buying ourselves into.....

Nice deal !!

Either Amazon trying to bag the demand for Windows phones or
Crush iphone by promoting WP8 :)

  • Anonymous

Or these crappy proprietary feature phones are selling badly and the retailers are dumping stock. :-!