Damian Dinning leaves Nokia (Update: Joins Jaguar Land Rover)

23 November, 2012
The company's imaging guru, known for the PureView devices has decided to leave at the end of this month.

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  • Anonymous

Smart guy!

  • vichu

maybe he's joining jolla.... jst hopping....:)

sad..very sad, It's like Scott Forstall leaving Apple :(


I believe he will continue with Meego where he started the Sensor tech on N9.

Good luck to you Damien. Hope it turns out okay.

If considering the benefits in cash he might be going to Samsung or Apple. But I really wish that he come to Jolla. That would be awesome :)))

  • AAA

napple, 23 Nov 2012I have a feeling he might going to Apple. :)he is poor mindly,

  • napple

I have a feeling he might going to Apple. :)

Yep, he's going to Apple. They can't sue Nokia so they'll just steal their employees!

Or maybe he's going to work for Samsung to work on the Galaxy S4

  • Anonymous

Because he know, no future again in nokia now. Nokia will RIP, good job if he do it. Thanks.

-P-S-, 23 Nov 2012"Via Twitter for iPad" He uses iPad. I guess this is a low kick from apple lol

  • Anonymous

well, he was the last interesting thing nokia had.

its dead now

"Via Twitter for iPad"
He uses iPad.

The fall of NOKIA :'(

  • Meego Takeover

He's leaving Nokia and Joining Jolla. MeeGo + PureView = WIN!

Welcome to MeeGo Mr. Dinning :D

  • Abhi

i bet Samsung is paying him close to a billion or Apple may have called him to showcase Smile shot feature in their next iphone