Android 4.2.1 for Nexus 4 and slates 7 and 10 now available

27 November, 2012
The 4.2.1 version adds December in the Contacts app and fixes some Bluetooth issues.

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  • Fan+android

Android smart devises stay below toother devises and O.S speciealy IOS. But i think no any tablet comes still now in android against ipad,playbook and other tablet devises.

Only a few devices have 4.1, now GG releases 4.1.2 for their brand Nexus. Wth GG cheats their partners.

  • Dnx

You must understand that these updates roll from different servers in the world. Some make take a while to reach your destination. Does not matter where you bought it. Understand this... it's so simple. It's like commerce, sometimes it takes a while for the product to arrive, although this is much faster, it still needs to be put on a specific server and granted access, tste... It's only 1 Mb but the process is the same as for 100 GB.

  • Anonymous

Dnx, 27 Nov 2012The important bugs are Bluetooth and december in calendar. And t... moreis i agree....

TDMaster, 27 Nov 2012Still no Update Here (Middle east bought from US) Thank you Google :)wait a bit ! by the way if from a carrier so it is not google's problem!

Still no Update Here (Middle east bought from US)
Thank you Google :)

  • Anonymous

no galaxy nexus!!!!

Wind TV, 27 Nov 2012But what about Galaxy Nexus?very soonly also for yakju and takju . other basebands will only get 4.2.1 soonly not 4.2 of course ( different regions)

But what about Galaxy Nexus?

SERSH, 27 Nov 2012great stuffyeah, for adding December >_>

Anonymous, 27 Nov 20124.2 has many bugs : battery life, slow charging, auto brightness... more80% of people on android people said that only bugs are the december missing from calendar and the bluetooth bugs! at least nexus 10 and nexus 7( 3G) and nexus 4 users did not experienced anything more! galaxy nexus users ( not all of them) reported small bugs like those but fixed by reinstalling the software or by hard resetting!

  • Dnx

The important bugs are Bluetooth and december in calendar. And those are fixed with this. If you understand just a little about programming you will understand that December was not forgot, bad code (could be a simple ",") < to put it as simple as possible can make 1000000 things to malfunction.
As for the other bugs, some are arguably. Like reboots and slow charging... not everyone is experience those. This is just Galaxy Nexus all over again.. there were so many complaints, and like with the Nexus 4, 90% of those complaints came from people that did not own it.

  • Anonymous

Jeanandroidfan, 27 Nov 2012google is amazing! all people 80% of 4.2 users only had some blu... more4.2 has many bugs : battery life, slow charging, auto brightness, bluetooth, and several others. Now before you praise google, think why they seem to have no time for testing before releasing 4.2

google is amazing! all people 80% of 4.2 users only had some bluetooth issues and of course the no december !but now everything is solved for only 1mb! and in some days only! google you are the best!go and see ios6 bunch of bugs which are only 50% solved in ios 6.0.1!

  • Bone

Anonymous, 27 Nov 20124.2 had gazillion of critical bugs... http://www.androidpolic... moreThe December bug is most likely staged, a harmless little thing that created worldwide frenzy, all my Apple friends had a great laugh, and millions of others got to know about the new Nexus devices and their price = free advertisement at it's best. :)

  • Anonymous

4.2 had gazillion of critical bugs...

is this update only fix that december bug? Anyway, I can't really believe that such a simple bug existed. Seems that 4.2 were released in a hurry


great stuff