HTC One X gets Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update with Sense 4+

27 November, 2012
The update is available in Europe, Asia and Africa for CID_038 and CID_044 One X devices.

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  • RedMax

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2012Rather happy about the upgrade . But I can't seem to connect my ... moreThe first time you connect your device to your laptop it should say that you need to install a new driver, etc. After you do so, your device will be connected to the laptop in a hybrid mode which means you can see it as a mass storage drive on your PC, but you can keep using it as if it was in "charge only" mode.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2012Htc__16 south africa no update yetalso waiting for the South Africa CID to be updated

  • Anonymous

Htc__16 south africa no update yet

Finally I got it and awesome performance of Sense 4+

  • Anonymous

Zeeshu007, 28 Nov 2012Does any1 got updates in UAE??? I am checking very often but ... moreHey did u get the update ?


Yesterday I received JB in Croatia.

hi guys.., i have some problem with my HTC One X..., after update to android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean..., the message tone is with vibration, and i cant uncheck the vibration..., and no pocket mode is working.., please help me out.., if any one knows about it..., and do any one also knows about the next update to 4.2??????

  • Anonymous

Rather happy about the upgrade . But I can't seem to connect my phone as Disk Drive to my laptop . Any way to solve this ?

  • VJ

update has changed my notification bar and runs very smooth...dont know about the battery cause i haven't checked it for the whole day..but looks they have added one power saving option in notification bar which will help a lot..still to explore their worth mentioning effort..thankyou..hope you all enjoy..

  • Ampol

My cid is htc_e11 from nigeria and curently updating

  • Scifitrkkie

JSNYDERC, 03 Dec 2012nobody with htc-622 have update yetI'm with you I have HTC_622, and nothing is out yet for this CID. this would have to be the slowest way HTC ever released, considering they advised JB coming to One X in "October", it is NOW December!!!

One X Owner, 04 Dec 2012Those who say the update is terrible are Samsung fans. Any body... moreyou are right, my htc one x after update today with 4.1.1 is much much beter smother and faster and best superphone.

today 4.1.1 in macedonia on my one x

  • jonny

CID_032 update avaliable Macedonia

Just updated few hours ago, JB is only system update no visual updates like we see in screenshots the menu icons are still ICS, i've asked htc for the theme the jellybean skins the answer is:

- Dear Mr. Viktor, regarding your enquiry, kindly note that improvements are largely in functionality, accessibility and speed, not only in how interface looks. Please try to use it and try to customize your device using Play store for better experience.

So its jellyicebeancreamsandwich update :) sense4+ is aweeeeeesome

  • ziolowy

In Poland it's from now :)

  • Anonymous

Jelly Bean in Romania !!!!! CID 032.

  • Giorgio

Now i'm download the update on my HTC One x 3.14.401.27 Android 4.1, Sense 4+ !!! :) HUNGARY

  • lemi

Browser is smoother. Camera pictures are now slighty worse, UI is less smoother, folders just jump, no more zoom feature. Phone is heating much more, 44c while using browser. Overal experiance is worse then on ICS. HTC_032 offical jelly bean.

Finally, the long awaited update is here! :)