It could take Apple 12-18 months to break ties with Samsung

30 November, 2012
A speculated hunt by Apple for a new semiconductor manufacturing partner could be a long and complex process.

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> In reply to hnh852003 @ 2012-12-02 11:01 from uAjU - click to readi agree - apple is more a marketing company. they know how to brain wash. that is why they were running their company like a church with steve jobs as a god. this compensated the spec-gap between android phones and iphones.

now he's dead apple lost it's drive. there are no top secret products. apple's lab was like the vatican's secret archives. only a few people knew what was going to happen next. but when iphone 5 was anounced the world already know what it would look like. these are major changes only a year after jobs' dead.

the new CEO is not able to run apple in the spirit of jobs so apple is going to lose it's status as a religion. shareholder should jump off befor the next iphone. it will be technical outdated and lag any creativity just as iphone 5 did. this and the fact that apple is going down as a religion is going to lead to a falling price for apple shares.

you can quote me!

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  • 2012-12-04 18:57
  • P48$
  • MasEnha

> In reply to TD @ 2012-12-03 13:36 from tU1T - click to readThe simplest way to install Android is installing Android x86 on U'r PC. And the easiest way is install it on VirtualBox for U'r experiment.

Recently I found Androx86 distro that plays smoother than my Nexus 7 which utilize OpenGL. It's not yet perfect, but going better and better.

For installing MacOS; please find it by U'r self as it's illegal. Jst let U hv a clue that current MacOS run on Intel x86 proc.

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  • 2012-12-04 02:15
  • 9xx6
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You do know that Apple started ARM, with Acorn.

As such they are licensed to create their own designs which kick ass in benchmarks.

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  • 2012-12-03 22:20
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  • iSamsung Fan

> In reply to harry @ 2012-12-03 08:26 from 98rt - click to readoh no! why did you said that? now crapple will sue Alexander Graham Bell because Crapple invented and innovated everything. its your fault

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  • 2012-12-03 14:43
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> In reply to Felixx @ 2012-12-02 03:30 from KSw4 - click to readYou're very much wrong. First of all Apple invents very little. A4 and A5 chips are basically no brainier implementation of ARM architecture. A6 is somehow innovative still heavily relying on progress made by others. Apple chips are build smaller not because apple decided it's new chip must be smaller. The manufacturing companies like Samsung TMSC are making progress in manufacturing technology and Apple benefiting from that... But because Apple is only using what other develop they are always behind.. Samsung just introduce the A15 chips we will have to wait around at least 6 moths for apple to catch up. And that's not all. Companies who manufacture they own products have a much better understanding what are they doing... Samsung is making tens of laptop models. Yet they have nowhere as much problems with manufacturing quality and product's defects...

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  • 2012-12-03 14:03
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> In reply to max24 @ 2012-12-03 09:59 from M8d% - click to readI installed MacOS, Windows, and Android on one machine:)

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  • 2012-12-03 10:07
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  • max24

you dont like samsung ok dont buy it.. but you cant see this fact that apple really sucks..!
I am a apple computer user, its just beautifull and its cost me 600$ more than a windows laptop.

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  • 2012-12-03 09:59
  • M8d%
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> In reply to Noel Carson @ 2012-12-01 09:20 from XNtq - click to readmate google map yes but google bought youtube..

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  • 2012-12-03 09:55
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> In reply to dreck @ 2012-12-01 11:37 from u7GG - click to readWhat utter rubbish.So Samsung also invented and built a working time machine to go forward in time to see what Apple would release some six months after they released their first touch screen smart phone?

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  • 2012-12-03 09:23
  • 3GCn
  • harry

> In reply to hnh852003 @ 2012-12-02 11:01 from uAjU - click to readOh, this is all copied from Graham bell. You missed out to mention that.

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  • 2012-12-03 08:26
  • 98rt
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Great News.

That would mean Samsung will have not restraints to release there top products without fear of conflict of interest.

As Apple have no ethics at all, I think Samsung should from tomorrow increase the price of all their parts to apple 10 fold. Then for the next 12-18 months apple will be crying.

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  • 2012-12-03 03:12
  • 2CP$
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> In reply to hnh852003 @ 2012-12-02 11:01 from uAjU - click to readSound like a dropshipper to me:D

That's why Apples pricier than the rest; to lift-up their profit margin:p

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  • 2012-12-03 01:58
  • 9xx6
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> In reply to hnh852003 @ 2012-12-02 11:01 from uAjU - click to readwell, the screen isn't Apple's too, it's LG's xD

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  • 2012-12-02 19:07
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  • hnh852003

> In reply to emmory @ 2012-12-01 19:28 from Nw6F - click to readIn iphone5, camera is 100% Sony, RAM, battery and memory is 100% Samsung. Apple just put an order. The screen, Apple does have an idea to make it slimmer. About CPU and chipset efficiency: A6 is ARM based, get more efficent by shrinking die, which is done by Samsung tech, also get more efficient by cutting off codec support, which is done by apple making a choice. The hard work in making CPU is architecture and shrinking die, not choosing which codec to support. Apple does better understand customer (knowing how to fool the customer that they are greattest tech innovator)

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  • 2012-12-02 11:01
  • uAjU
  • Anonymous

> In reply to san der @ 2012-12-02 04:23 from t7X2 - click to readThat's nice. You keep your marketshare ideas and the rest of the business world will keep their ideas about using Revenue and Net Income to judge a company's success.

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  • 2012-12-02 08:34
  • kIV}
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> In reply to donaldleonar @ 2012-12-02 04:19 from t7EZ - click to readNo, apple suing Samsung was only because of it's their by far most scary and strongest competition from Android. Suing Samsung was the only way apple think they can stop Android growth. Too bad, recent market stake proven apple failed badly, and their ipad market also started shrink considerably.

Please note also Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has became a Royal Collection tablet, after UK Royal family committees think it's by far a better and has higher technology innovation factors tablet than the much shabby and lower tech apple ipad.

All symptoms clearly showing, the days for apple glorious moments are number and will be over soon. apple are next Nokia and RIM.

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  • 2012-12-02 07:15
  • tRgX
  • san der

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-12-01 17:10 from kIV} - click to readthe reason why its in percentage is because that is for the market share worldwide. maybe next year they getting worse and no more iphone because of flop products

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  • 2012-12-02 04:23
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> In reply to Android Man @ 2012-12-01 22:43 from nESA - click to readthey are not fool, do you think apple will sue samsung from nothing? they will defend their technology from infringing.

good to know samsung doesnt infringe the work and technology of nokia!

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  • 2012-12-02 04:19
  • t7EZ
  • Felixx

It's more related to time and money than ideas or tools. Apple designs(invents) products. If it chooses to manufacture product themselves, it would require not only huge amounts of investment, but also time to set up a unit. That would lead to slow advancement of their products and portfolio. Apple can't afford to lose time. So it leaves the responsibilities of manufacturing to others. It makes more business sense.

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  • 2012-12-02 03:30
  • KSw4