9 out of 10 smartphones sold in China are powered by Android

03 December, 2012
There are 1.1 billion cellphone subscribers in China, and only 212.42 million of them use 3G.

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  • Fan+android

When u go to a mobile shop and thinks i will only buy a android device then u not perchased only a android Device,
u perchased world talent in form of play store,
and new ideas for dooing new everyday,
yes i know everything have some disadvantages with advantaged i mean weak battery life in all android devices but ios,BB,WP,symboin also have diff disadvantages which is everybody know.
But which day android will get rid off from this main disadvantage that day he will be 90% markit and 10% will distribute in b/w to others.

  • Chand

The scen is fabilious beyond the expectation.needingfull grage market ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2012iOS is weak and lacks true multi-tasking. See how easy it is?I use Andriod OS. I like its multitasking. But it drains reources and battery life very fast. My S3 cannot even last 1 day.

  • Anonymous

M-i20, 04 Dec 2012Thank heaven for Google and Android!! (offfering really fantasti... moreThanks Americans! bcos Android is an USA technology.

That's not too shocking given that android OS is not bound to one phone like iPhone. It gives users choices instead of being locked to one phone with the same specs as everyone else who also running that same OS. Also what is not too shocking is the price difference. Let's get real apple charges way too much for a phone that is nowhere near as powerful then most smartphones running a different OS. I'm not talking about that android OS, I'm talking about the hardware of the phone. That small thing that people often over look.

  • romer

Dont forget the point, that samsung are the own of 57% of the smartphone market around the world front the 39% from apple. XP. The rest % are for nokia,Sony,HTC,Huawei,LG,etc

  • Crapple

80% of 1.4billion people, wow, before we buy their stuff, now we beg them to buy our stuff

Thank heaven for Google and Android!! (offfering really fantastic phones for all - not just the select elite)
low cost and flexibility make the Android mobile platform so popular around the world. "The Android system will continue to grow because it's the closest thing we have to an effective open source platform," Just some of what Android offer
Large screens
NFC support
Customization options galore
Donít pay extra for a proprietary adapter
Innovative, third-party hardware solutions
Different types of keyboards
Email attachments
Open Source:
Adobe Flash:
More Carrier Options:
Dozens of Phones to Choose From:

Thanks to Symbian !

FriedRice, 04 Dec 2012Android is power hog and force close all day long.Use it properly.

do factory resets every 48Hrs and it's fine.
Keep your dalvik cache clean and it's the best OS

Only OS that has the power to handle up coming 8 core CPU. Not like windows phone with single or two LOL

  • LIL B

Android is the most powerful and most unique in regards to the specifications of the device that you want to select; iphone is iphone - get what you're given and expected to pay a lot.

  • iphone5s

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2012No it wont. 7% of 1.1 billion Is 77 million iphone users in Chi... moreiOS is only 4.2% in China that included iPad 1,2,3,4 and iPhone 1,3g,3gs,4,4s,5 .

  • Anonymous

iOS is weak and lacks true multi-tasking. See how easy it is?

Android is power hog and force close all day long.

  • iphone5s

Apple shouldn't sell the iphone in China. Because nobody will buy the iphone for 2x the price of Chinese phone like Meizu, Xaomi, Oppo, Levono, ZTE, Huawei... not to mention a zillion knock off cheap brand phone. iPhone is dead in China.

  • Taymur

Because 90% of brand chose android as their OS, that's only logical

  • iphone5s

Ruch , 04 Dec 2012many people do the same mistake. There are 1.1 billion "cel... moreAll Android phones are smartphones.

  • Android

Zao, 03 Dec 2012those phones are android as much as s40 is symbianYou know nothing. See the Mi2, MX2, MX4, Oppo Find, Xiaomi s1 etc specs here...

ios of apple is sucks !!!!!

  • Anonymous

Dee, 04 Dec 2012This news will just make Apple more angrier toward Android phone... moreNo it wont. 7% of 1.1 billion Is 77 million iphone users in China. They will take that. That's probably more users then Huawei, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Motorolla.

This article is just Android vs IOS. IF Android was one manufacturer then Apple is screwed, in android is 20 manutfacteres. Apple will do fine in China.