Apple iPhone 5 hits 55 more countries this month

03 December, 2012
Apple announced the availability of the iPhone 5 in 55 more countries, starting from December 7.

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  • mr.J

Cant wait the iphone 5 to land on my country so i can try those drop test and whatsoever in youtube.

  • Anonymous

your guys have no life, pls get a girlfriend or wife.

stop camping here and criticize on every single faults of iPhone, android phone and whatever phone out there.

life is short

  • DeKa

droopy, 03 Dec 2012This iphone5 is an old phone now. Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming on... moreAnd what you going to do with those 6 unused cores on you amazing unoptimised Android device? Do you think those 6 aditional cores will help your amazing upcoming phone to not to reboot himself or freeze without reason? haha,,,, yeah right!

  • Dian Khan

Why Apple is not introducing iPhone 5 officially in Bangladesh, already 1 lac people using that which is much more than many counties interns of user percentage

same stupid comments: "x, y, z is better than iphone 5", "android is the best". ok, we understood, but go away. we are not either intersted in lg and samsung products because they have no style and their name is trash

  • Anonymous

Sorry, Not interested.

  • cambo

Why have to wait so long? Apple unable to produce it in time for its fan?

I could be careless... LG Nexus 4 is 300$ and its by a mile better than this 1000+ euro apple iphone junk...

  • that guy

droopy, 03 Dec 2012This iphone5 is an old phone now. Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming on... moreHow is the iphone 5 old and why does 8 cores even matter since andriod is only capable of using 2 they should upgrade there terrible software before they start trying to bring out these phones that are a waste of money and resorces if it cant be used properly

This iphone5 is an old phone now. Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming on January with 8 cores!, 13 megapixels, hd screen,etc. So the beast is Samsung. iphone5 is now an old phone, no googlemaps, no youtube, etc. Better buy an android device.

  • Manu

Ah.. an act of desperation I guess.. Since they were very selective of their markets before :-)

bad overpriced one with a good scratch-able design! but a lot of people are buying it like why they are buying BB! no reason!but good app store ( play store is very good but needs more support, soonly we might see that)

it came to Lebanon since day 1! :)