Samsung Galaxy S III outsells Apple iPhone 5 in the UK

03 December, 2012
Apple's latest smartphone gets ranked behind its predecessor according to the latest batch of data.

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  • Anonymous

Hell yeah!

  • Wacko

China and then U.K. That's Awesome Samsung.. How about U.S?

Some faith in humanity has been restored.
Good job UK!

Way to go samsung ! Ur simply rocking:)
Time to wake up apple !!

  • Anonymous

S3 is preferred because of navigation, easy storage expansion.. and i can load music quickly via NAS without firing up my pc and itunes.

And have old man eyes, S3 is easier to see the words.

  • dabu999

The sad thing is it is all true. I work in a phone shop and in a day I sell like 3 iphones mostly 4s and like 4 galaxy s3's maybe like 2 galaxy ace's and sometimes a lumia or 2 and when I checked my sales for last month, 7 iphone 5's, 14 iphone 4s's, 19 galaxy ace's mostly payg and 37 galaxy s3's it's amazing how much the s3 sales

I think Apple is reaping the rewards of the greed. Peoples annoyed with Apple's behavior that is too much demanding and now even sympathize with their opponents. That is how Samsung overcome Apple's sales, beside Samsung has a good product.

  • Anonymous

who the hell cares Britain when your number in the in the States

Wow, 5 Samsung phones in the top 10. That's a solid effort!

I feel the note 2 is the best phone but obviously its not fir everyone. But samsung on top, thats the best news ever.

One can only swallow so much crap before you choke. Not even diehard apple fans can stomach the iphone5

  • Anonymous

I guess we know why Apple is so keen to sue Samsung into next century.

That's a big effort by the Note 2 to get 7th.

Its a truly AWESOME PHONE!

  • 1111

one hell of a fone

  • girlalew

if Apple werent so greedy, goo thing i got a Note II, until next time Apple...

  • rockstarRT

Sparked, 04 Dec 2012Boy! I am So Happy for Good Old Samy. This Good News has Made ... moreWorth a single money to spend it for s3 and not to ip5

Boy! I am So Happy for Good Old Samy.
This Good News has Made my Day.