HTC Butterfly announced for the international market

07 December, 2012
The phone is mostly identical to the HTC J Butterfly released in Japan but supports international GSM networks.

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  • Harkaran

When it will land in India?

Battery too small for such a large phone.... Should av been at least 2500mah battery

HTC can go to hell with the 2020 mAh battery. We need a phone that lasts a day easily, being slim is the second priority.

  • Anonymous

The other day I was on the TUBE (underground) in London and I saw someone with a phone that looked like an HTC but was quite different in shape to the One-X and had a cracking screen. I have often wondered if it was a J-Butterfly or a prototype.

If it was an HTC device. It will be the first HTC device that I have seen in about two years that I have loved on sight. I look really nice. I just hope they start putting expandable memory slots and removable batteries.

hi crossmission u dont need to get so mad at any 1 coz those av seen the battery test 4 the DROID DNA know how fair the 2020mAh battery is but lets hope the SDcard wont make a big defference on the power consumption coz the phone really need'd a memory expansion slot

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2012Disappointing 2020 battery... not worth it.did u see test battery scores of this??
only 1 hr less than s3..

its enough for most.

Removable Battery???

  • IronfootDain

As I remember,2020 mah did good job in tests,so please notice tests before talking about its capacity,so test results are enough for you or not,for me it's better than my guess,but still not enough.

Will get it if it is out till January, or it's Lumia 920 then.

no matter, 07 Dec 2012Aren't they all the same? Ancient LCD screens... Who can buy t... morelast response, going to bed

Ancient display?
IPS LCD are the displays of iphone 5, ipad2+3+4 and probably all the rest of the apple devices for the next years
htc one x and one x+
lg optimus G
asus padfone 2
ALL of them ips lcd

it's not LCD TFT like the desire or the HD2
it's pixel density is unparallel
there is no other display better right now in the market or more advanced.

As for the 2020mah battery check the DROID DNA, which is the exact same device without the sd card slot, first how it fares in the battery test and then talk

  • Kim

Bam!!!A beast for the world...Lets see how it fairs with Samsung Galaxy s3..and purpotedly, an S4 coming up..:-)

  • Anonymous

Disappointing 2020 battery... not worth it.

  • hello_world

no matter, 07 Dec 2012Aren't they all the same? Ancient LCD screens... Who can buy t... moreLCD is a superior screen tech as of now. AMOLED is just a show off thing and its not yet mature. It just shows wrong colors. Grow Up samsung fan boy !

PS: Super LCD 3 shits on super duper AMOLED plus X

  • no matter

Aren't they all the same?
Ancient LCD screens...
Who can buy these things...?

exactly whats difference bw this & delux??

  • hello_world

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2012for 5 inch screen it has only 2020 mah battery... failed! you should check droid DNA battery test. which has identical specs.

this IS the deluxe m8 the eu version at least, and yes it's quad core and the deluxe will actually be like the dna probably so no sd card, on another note the J is ipx7 waterproof this one will not :-(

  • sam

1.5 Ghz quad core processor and memory expandable upto 32 GB, card slot available

  • Mohii

not failed read gsmarena dna battery test score!avesome performer!

  • vathana

i'll sell my galaxy note 2 to buy this phone.