YotaPhone to bring E-Ink and LCD in one smartphone

12 December, 2012
Russian manufacturer Yota Devices has created a prototype smartphone that features a 4.3 inch E-Ink display.

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  • goron

WOW, now this is the real innovation.
iphone is a joke since 2007

  • andry

about 5-6 years ago, i've dreamed of a flip phone with LCD screen for its internal display and an E-ink screen for its external display (since E-ink has low power consumption, so i guess it's possible to save battery life).

it's glad to know that someone has the same idea and able to apply it to real product.

  • A_H_E_S

nice idea, i like it

  • brezos

Now that is something new and sweet. Eink is a bliss for your eyes because it is not backlit - so perfect for reading. Lets hope this is not just a concept.

  • aaa

e-ink sure is battery efficient as it consumes battery of only for screen updates. But on a phone, the no of screen updates will be a lot . Consider with 1 update a second, I don't think is going make it that battery efficient

Better Innovation than iPhone 5.

  • anonymous

brilliant idea. most smartphones have limited battery life and this well be a cracking solution

  • Noel Carson

mqfz, 12 Dec 2012now this is an interesting and innovative phone! hopefully the e... moreIt is an Android phone. Anything is possible. Trust XDA- developer to create something like that if the Stock OS doesn't provide such a feature.

  • Francis

With all those chinese crappy phones coming and going it was about time for the russians to do something about it and step in. Noce to see some innovation at last!
Let's hope they don't get sued. :)

  • Anonymous

ajit_shruti, 12 Dec 2012nice phone... but no card slot :(Why need card slot? Its already come out with 32/64gb internal memory

now this is an interesting and innovative phone! hopefully the e-ink can be used to read ebooks as well, and not just for notifications

ithink every android is need to use e-ink display and horeeee it will be lagggggggyyyy free

And the most interesting is that how the inside of the smartphone will be reachable, since the displays would be unable to remove, and creating a hot-swap battery would not be appropriate.
Still innovation... but lets wait for february :)

  • ajit_shruti

nice phone... but no card slot :(

  • alien_mkd

dreamer19, 12 Dec 2012well, that is innovative! but, why do we need two displays??didn't you read the article? (sigh...)

  • Mysterious One

dreamer19, 12 Dec 2012well, that is innovative! but, why do we need two displays??Because Ink Screen acts more efficient in out-door environments , and use less power , rather than maxing your normal screen brightness , only flip your phone when ever you want to do a text, or phone call , or even maybe composing an email

  • E-book reader

This is a wonderfull idea! Now I just want a Tablet with the same features!

I love my Kindle Touch to read books but when I just want to surf I have to bring my tablet as well...

This would mean a 2 in 1 product that would fit my needs perfectly. Hope both Apple and the Droid companys pic up on this idea!

  • indigold

This is innovative, not dented body and 4" display. I mentioned no name

well, that is innovative! but, why do we need two displays??

  • debigG

Talk about innovation, right?????