Google Maps application arrives on the iPhone

13 December, 2012
Comes with voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transport directions, Street View and more.

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  • Somebody

iPhone 5 is a good phone again finally...awesome maps apps with google maps, check !, chechk !...os stability, check ! good quality app, check ! good job apple and google !

  • Somebody

Now iPhone 5 worth to buy again...with the support of google maps and youtube...everything seems to be good in iPhone again...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012Apple: Hey Google. How about adding some of that sweet turn by ... moreDellusional fanboi. You know, apple can start putting this in their advertisments like this: iOS 6 doesnt have sucky maps anymore. Youre welcome apple :) be thankful for google for fixing your mistake. Haha. Now you can throw your garbage apple maps away

  • Anonymous

tried em all, 13 Dec 2012turn by turn and voice navigation has always been on android...... moreMy words out of your mouth!

  • Omar Mohamed

Nokia Here is already better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012A typical fan boy comment. :PHehe^^

It is the most typical iFan comment, this was not a strategy, it was a desater, which Google managed to fix for Apple, nothing more. You know, there was no pressure for Google, because Google knew, they were better, they took their sweet time, drank a coffee and watched, how apple had to apologize to its users for that whole fiasco.

Only the fanboyishst fanboy can come out now and act like Google did a bad thing here or Apple won with some strategy. Google was simply nice to Users, offering freedom, where restrictions are on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012Haha and now we're getting the last laugh with a better maps app... moreAnd once again:

iOS users get the same feature than Android. But they simply have to point out, that it is better than the Android one^^ You got the features the Android version had for ages, so please, stop this nonsense, it aint better, it is the same for a different platform. There is not a single feature you have on iOS Google Maps, which Android Google Maps doesnt have.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012Apple: Hey Google. How about adding some of that sweet turn by ... moreThis story is really epic, especially because of iFans trying just about everything right now, to make Google look like the bad one here^^

To get the facts right here:

Apple was the one saying, "BECAUSE I CAN" and what happened is, that they couldnt. Any prove of that? Wait, wasnt there this big iOS Developer Story, who got fired because of the whole Maps incident on iOS? Isnt that pretty much prove, that Apple themselves knew it was a huge mistake. It wasnt apple pressuring google here, google couldve released the exact same app for the store, like it were on iOS before, but they didnt, they took their sweet time, time to let the user see for themselves, time to show Apple, that that simply cannot, just because they are Apple. Google lost some users, but Apple lost a whole important feature for every user they updated to iOS6. But really now, act like it was the other way around. Google was the really kind one, if it was for themselves, they couldve let the iOS users sit more in the cold, but then probalby some iFan would come out and blame Google for the victims of Apple Maps users.

Really now, be happy that Google is a fair player, unlike Apple. FACT!

it's my request to GSMArena, please disable comments in your post. People just quarrel here.
Yes, yes apple maps were disappointing. But guys, Mr. Tim Cook has officially apologized. To err is human, I'm sure apple will fix all the maps bugs in next iOS release.
Now android fans, you guys hardly have 2 or 3 devices that can compete with iPhone, so keep quiet.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012LOL. Android fan in denial.Rofl^^

whats wrong with you? Uhh, you found one story saying, that Google Maps failed somewhere, even though Apple Maps failed there too, not really an upper for Apple Maps^^ You know, relatively spoken, Google is still far better and if you really need it, I can find you more than just one story, where Apple Maps failed big time, you showed me one, where both failed, in which way does that make Apple Maps any better?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012Google lose because they've been forced to include voice navigat... morethis is because apple paid big time to australian police, so they had to metion something like that afterwards. Hehe^^ Just joking :D

But really now, nobody pushed Google to anything, only crying iOS users and even though Google didnt have to care, they did care, because they care for the users, thats their model of business to make money.

It is funny how some Fanboys here are so obsessed with this whole thing, that they just cannot be simply happy, that a good app arrived, instead they have to search for some text the Australian Police said, but guess what: Everyone knew already, that Apple Maps aint good, nobody needed the Australian Police for that. Australian police aint the non plus ultra for deciding which is the best. Both had trouble in that Area, doesnt really make Apple Maps any better and like I said before, everyone knew even without the australian police, that Apple Maps is far away from being the best, but if it makes you feel any better, believing what some douche said about (have to point that out) BOTH applications, but acting like only the Google Part is true or wise versa is just stupid. So, you found one story, complaining about both Apps, but I can find you more than 100 complaining only about Apple Maps. And you know, if you get a minus on something and your neighbor get a minus on the same thing, that doesnt make you better.

  • Anonymous

tried em all, 13 Dec 2012turn by turn and voice navigation has always been on android...... moreErm. Did you read Apples statement? They agreed that the maps app was crap and suggested free alternatives. And Android hasn't always had free turn by turn voice navigation. They copied Nokias decision to add it to maps for free on Eclair.

  • Lastknight

yes come and have many bad points in privacy conditions, like knowlage about your mobile number, numbers you called, time when yo called, now wher you sent sms and much moore - if this is freedom, what is slavery

  • tried em all

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012Apple: Hey Google. How about adding some of that sweet turn by ... moreturn by turn and voice navigation has always been on android... How this is getting spun into googles loss or issue is beyond me. Apple maps were crap...Apple thought their maps were ready and google maps were removed from the apple store. Some people huh.... a minute ago it was 'we dont need google maps' now the cries are different. LMAO@uGUYS

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012 moreFunny is, how one or two persons have to say something to bring you into enrage mode. Try to understand the fact, that Google Maps is way superior than Apple Maps and not because it is from Google or that Apple Maps is from Apple, it is just because Google has the knowledge, they know, where there are problems in the mapping services and had way more time to figure out a solution and this cannot be outrun in one simple iOS update^^

People need to get real here, Google played fair here, Apple choose to restrict again and Google tried to give some freedom back, so people shouldnt complain about Google and Google Maps on iOS, at least now you can choose, nobody has to download it, I believe some people do not understand, that they can choose if they want it, there is absolutely noone pressuring you to, other than yourself.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012Awesome strategy by Apple resulting in improved Google Maps for iOS. A typical fan boy comment. :P

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012who said they offered this google map for free? when you buy an ... morewhat are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

who said they offered this google map for free? when you buy an iphone there you purchased the mapping features already. apple is buying useful apps from developers and consumers will pay the price

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012Did you even look into the story more than just what was on the ... moreNonsense. Google never really programmed the Google Maps App for iOS. Apple did that themselves, with a "do it" from Google. If google did actually program the old Google Maps, why should it take this long, to put it on the App Store, it is already programmed and doesnt need to be build up from scratch, but they had to build it up from scratch, because they never held any code of the iOS Google Maps App.

Google should not take money for it, we talk about Google, that is Googles way and we should support that Userfriendly business way Google is going. Yeah, they probably invade our privacy, but really now, who doesnt? Carrier IQ anyone?

  • Anonymous

anaonymous, 13 Dec 2012Poor Apple Fanboys still feel that Apple did justice to them wit... moreHaha and now we're getting the last laugh with a better maps app.

Same old Android, always inferior.