Xperia Yuga to have Exynos 5 Quad chipset, 5" OLED display?

13 December, 2012
While the specs sound awesome, the rumor might turn out to be little but a wish list.

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  • Ram

Nice one sony!please sony get rid of TFT displays and qualcomm chipsets and go for super amoled displays and samsung exynos chipsets!then i will switch from samsung to you sony!

wow.. i love this phone.. wow

  • Guillermo - Lima

A terrible Beast come will Soon!!!!!

Thats not the rumor from a few days ago. According to what i came across, the Yuga is on track withthe previously leaked specs. The one with Cortex 15 quadcore and 3GB RAM is rumored late next year, second half, maybe even Q4 2013.

It is however not the first time i hear about OLED, but thats very unlikely to come from Sony, all the rumors so far has pointed towards the new gen IPS from Japan Display (Sony is one of the 3 owners) with whitemagic tech similar to the Xperia P, they seem to be convinced that whitemagic is the way to go to save battery and for maximum brightness.

5" FullHD Display, 128GB built-in memory(100GB User accessable), 3,500mAh battery, 16MP AF Camera with OIS+BIS Exmor R sensor, Dual LED flash with Xenon flash, ultra-amplitude dual mic for 100% noise free 320kbps mp3 recording, FullHD video recording @120fps with continuous AF with full strereo sound capture, 3.2MP AF front facing camera for best ever self portraits and fullhd video recording, 4GB of RAM, 8 core cortex a15 processors, mali t608 multi gpu, android 5.0 out of the box, weight: 170g slimness: 9mm

  • 7*6hswt6

No. Complete fabrication.

  • Anonymous

...and will prbably cost 1,5k $

  • Salah

The big question is will the Yuga be International or is it the Odin? Nice specs but yet rumours..

  • Sony

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2012128GB of storage? Dude, you must be kidding.Yes! Sony Make, We Believe. No such thing as ridiculous when it comes to Sony. Hehe

  • zymo

The described device is the H2/2013 flagship. The two, Yuga and Odin, which we'll see at CES and MWC will have a Quad Core S4 CPU along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB ROM.

  • Anonymous

Oh no! I sense insecurities.

  • Rosh on

galaxy s3 can b only compared with iphone not with other one bcause of its extra feature

Oled is too delicate and has a short lifespan. Bad choice of screen

john, 13 Dec 2012Doubt it. Sammy will not sell their best tech to sony. Sony migh... moreIf Oppo could get Exynos 4, why not Sony?
Samsung isn't afraid of competition I think.

While the US versions of SGS III may be challenged by Xperia T, but not with the International versions.

This is going to be the best phone!

excllenT! finally sony is here again in the high end as in midranges they were always the best! hope all of those are true!

  • Anonymous

128GB of storage? Dude, you must be kidding.

Are you serious? To compete with Samsung gs3 and iphone 5? Xperia T is already in the rang of sgs3 and iphone, if not better..

  • john

Doubt it. Sammy will not sell their best tech to sony. Sony might get tge agarp display though