Windows Phone 7.8 is now rolling out to Nokia Lumia 800

16 December, 2012
The major OS upgrade includes four separate updates available via the Zune desktop software.

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Fools windows 7.8 tango update is available in India & europe, Go to any nokia care & get updated, whereas it will be available on zune by 2nd week of feb.
There's also good news for lumia users as nokia has invited thousands of developers to develop apps & games for lumia. So expects a lots of apps for your lumia phone by the end of february.

  • Anonymous

cud i update my lumia 800 at home?

  • khushi khan

install hindi and other language and blootuth full version for file share

  • raj

pls tell Lumia 800 will support bluetooth with other mobile for sharing

  • Anonymous

the update for lumia 510 is already out..visit nokia care centre...

  • Husain

i have lumia 510.. when will i receive the update?

Visit any Nokia Care Centre in your territory to update the firmware... I updated my Lumia 800 in Hyderabad... Thank you :)

  • Anonymous

atdawg, 25 Dec 2012update not yet released in India.updates available on 27/12/2012 in India

  • prinston

alto, 19 Dec 2012Friends the 7.8 update is not available on Zune but it is availa... moreHey does the whole phone get flashed .....alll ma data will get erased once I update????

  • Muz

Not in New Zealand yet.

  • atdawg

update not yet released in India.

  • matfx

Not yet available in Malaysia.

  • wp78

Not in UK?

  • Del

Not available in NZ yet, or on Nokia Care over here.

  • Cedric

Got WP 7.8 from Nokia Care!

  • gary

I found no 7.8 update in Zune. I got it by downloading Nokia care suite where it was immediately available and ready to install.

plz tell me is it available for lumia 710? in india

  • Hobaz

No Update in Egypt too -.-

  • CF

I will be waiting for the Nokia's update on my region. If not satisfied I will certainly move out of the WP OS. Even though I have been using NOKIA phones for such a long time...

  • alto

Friends the 7.8 update is not available on Zune but it is available with the Nokia care people...i have got my lumia 800,710and 510 updated to version 7.8.i am from India and this update is only available with the Nokia care people so U might not get any anything on Zune.