Samsung announces Galaxy Grand with 5-inch WVGA display

18 December, 2012
The Galaxy Grand will have a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and a dual-SIM variant.

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  • Anonymous

really one more aweosme device by samsung in markeet

The specs are the same as of Galaxy S2.

Price it at Rs 15,000 and see the response. It'll be the greatest selling Smartphone EVER.

  • Devang

1.2 Ghz Dual core? I thought 1.5 Ghz Quad core processors are the norm?


i don't think so that we will compare samsung with micromax,,,,

  • Joker

Sean, 18 Dec 2012Yawn,another Samsung which looks exactly the same as the last lo... moreThis design is getting really boring now.... yawn

The large but very low-resolution screen (ppi) will have jagged edges anywhere.. eeeeh. yuck.

  • don phone..=)

  • Blowntoaster

[deleted post]S4 must have a removeable battery.
Small but important detail makes the best seller.

  • Blowntoaster

Wacko, 18 Dec 2012This is to confuse the buyers from buying other 5" devices.... moreAgree with Wacko on this. Samsung is offering more affordable but still "packing" devices to draw consumers away from the expensive overachieving 5inch phones out there on the market. And then hits them with the Galaxy S4 in April/May. Strategy makes money.

  • Wacko

If the SGS4 looks like this,

Magnessium aluminum body
7mm thin
5" 1080p
flexible HD screen
Unbreakable Gorilla Glass
Shock Resistance
Scratch and Water res
No Hard keys and all in Capacitive including Volume, Camera and Lock key.
4000mah Battery non Rem.
16mp Back and 3.2MP front cam.
Wireless charging.

And they should have the SGS4 mini with 4.3 - 4.6" same specs stated above.
This would be great..

  • Anonymous

Samsung and google android are amazing !! Thanks google for your capable free jewel , thanks Sammy for all of that with Sony also !! :)

Despite having an equally large screen, even micromax a110 has a greater screen resolution.

  • Anonymous

Sure this will sell another 10million for fans around the globe. Beatiful, very beatiful. Display will be awsome, battery is not oversize, screen size is correct, very innovative design. I cant imagine what S4, S5...S10 will look like.
How can i be wrong.

  • Wacko

This is to confuse the buyers from buying other 5" devices. If this phone is not as expensive as HTC Butterfly, then people will buy it thingking that this phone have the same specs compare to others.

Good Strategy Samsung. Making Money in every possible way.

Not bad. People will fall for this phone with multiview and dual sim variant.

The features r quite decent except the wvga res on a 5" phone.On a lighter note - micromax is now going to sue sammy lol

  • Anonymous

Meatyowlegs, 18 Dec 2012Ohh samsung your new phones have sooo much innovation! Looks lik... morethat's their dilemma now being no.1, they don't know whom to copy anymore:) but no need for worries-here comes plan B, bigger screens and double the cores...

  • Sean

Yawn,another Samsung which looks exactly the same as the last lot. Come on Sammy get in a new design team with some imagination

  • misiu9091909

For those who want a big but cheap phone.

  • Anonymous

Good day ,

It,s very good smart phone if equipped with this futures and Dual sim-cards.