Sony C660X Xperia Yuga reviewed, given the thumbs up

18 December, 2012
The phone is not official yet, but it already impresses with its sharp screen and good performance.

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  • VDOs

With such powerful specs would love to see some high FPS vdo recording.1080p 60/120fps would be great.

  • Anonymous

Faisal Wibowo, 21 Dec 2012This xperia yuga phone scores 20965 on antutu benchmark test, wh... morethis would be the best phone any company has or would ever make,Sony is definately stylish in looks and also design,and now also with the high end processors n 2gb ram its speed is going to be a lot faster and ofcourse the 12 mp camera is very good :-)

sam sings, 22 Dec 2012look who's getting irked. i never stated my points with any unne... more"Guess who started posting replys to somebody's posts" it was u - a butthurt sony fanboy who replied to someone who pointed out a well known flaw with highend xperias.
"Only those who feel greatly about their idolised brand feel the urge to counter other people's opinions" u said it dude.u felt the urge to counter my points as a fanboy like u couldn't take it.and i never countered anyone is u could see with ur eyes open.
"I just said i never understand all these complaints about viewing angles" - to which i said these things shouldn't be a problem in a 2013 flagship device of a known brand afterall it's not a compromised budget phone.
Ur strange.had i said something about amoled,u would've ranted all along(as if u already haven't) and when i gave to examples within the same LCD class display, ur at it again.
Praise ur beloved thing all u want.can't expect any improvements if we all are as low demanding persons like u.

  • sam sings

Ed007, 19 Dec 2012Not letting the person next to get a great view of ur display ?p... morelook who's getting irked. i never stated my points with any unnecessary emotion. i never did fanboying. i just said i don't understand all these complaints about viewing angles. apparently, it's you who's fanboying for your HTCs and IPS touting devices. guess who started posting a reply to somebody's post. only those who feel greatly about their idolized brands feel the urge to counter other people's opinions.

This xperia yuga phone scores 20965 on antutu benchmark test, whereas samsung galaxy note II only scores 13000. Wow.. that really says something.

  • huzy

Even though sony phones might get a good review but their performances go way down in long run .lagging and hanging seems to be frequent on my xperia doesnt look gud enough nor it has a gud battery.I use one x and s3 which seems to be perfect apart from one x battery theirs no other flaw and s3 is flawless

  • Anonymous

OMG!This is too awesome!!!!Too bad i buy sony these year.....should have waited.....

Is the a front facing camera for this device?

  • Sniper

Specs seems to be really good.. I really hope its battery is as good as its specs.. If thats in place as well then it will be one of the most desirable smart phones of 2013

  • Anonymous

its price is 31000inr

  • Tobi

Ahaha, see..

  • hadolin

OMG!!!!!!! i want dys device...Period! How much will it cost????

  • SAM

it will be between 500$ to 650$

  • udin

hmmmm,,, yeach...

  • Kenjah

Gajan, 19 Dec 2012how much it will cost ...$5000

how much it will cost ...

  • Johnny

International version of this Yuga or just in Japan? As far as i know the Odin has the International version..

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2012It doesnt matter, Gorilla always breaks its still just an scratc... moreNever said that it matters in any way or weather it's gud or bad.just corrected u that it aint corning's gg.

sam sings, 19 Dec 2012i don't remember saying anything about keeping the viewing angle... moreNot letting the person next to get a great view of ur display ?privacy in short.not what u exactly said but what u meant.
And i never even spoke about super amoled displays and that i prefer them.that's a rather stupid thought from u that am comparing it with an OLED based display even with no mention of it.just don't drag me into these fanboy stuffs.Not just amoleds but LCDs can also have nice viewing angles eg IPS LCD or S LCD.just that sony's don't.i never bashed sony for it.i like sony and i want it to do better.u my friend got irked just coz someone pointed a bit of flaw in ur fav. phone and automatically presumed me to be a samsung fanboy.and FYI i don't have a phone with amoled screen nor do i desire.i don't know about my quest but ur quest for narrow viewing angle s isn't even a bonus let alone a need.and can't see how it translates to cheaper phones especially since the device being talked about is a flagship and not a compromised budget device.

Nice device.. but xperia v more then enough for me at this moment.. sony you should have birth control.. hard to keep up when new sony device appear in every 6month.. :-)