RIM's first full-touch BB 10 phone to be called BlackBerry Z10?

21 December, 2012
The phone won't go official until the end of January, but the marketing image gave it a name early.

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  • kebab

JM, 07 Jan 2013Dual Camera ?yes 2mp front and 8mp back

  • JM

Dual Camera ?

  • iPhone 4 design

It looks exactly as iPhone 4 or 5.
I don't know how RIM could get my money? No way! They must have found a way to add iOS and Android apps, otherwise RIM may close down forever.
Personaly, I'd say RIM is dead, it's lost its cool factor and BB will never re-gain it again despite all Canadian BB lovers. R.i.p. RIM.

  • iCh4N

All handset phone which i like goes to BB, it has a unique way to present their product. no advertisements at all since it was announce as BB, Unique OS at all. no matter it was the era for qwerty keypads.

  • Anonymous

BlackBerry for professional users only? Really?
I don't use my phones for playing any games and it's not a BlackBerry
BlackBerry already outdated, why would you use BBM? Because it's cheap? I said NO! You just don't want to spend any money to text others and I HATE that.

  • Anonymous

Fridaybird, 24 Dec 2012"More and More and more Phones Secure" ?? Like which o... moreWindows Phone 8 got to be very secure and will have a huge number of programmers, from Windows desktop platform to provide phone applications. iOS is now the preferred phone by USA government agencies and has security features at level of system and application and used by many offices, it is a matter of time to expire the warranty of BB phones then they move to iPhone, such fact was published by many offices. Then for the large majority of private consumers Android is sufficient as security and offers more free apps than BB. All consumer classes move away from BB no matter what RIM does, having available programmers to write software on a platform as iOS, Windows Phone and Android matters more than having an ambitions company as RIM which does not get support from third party software suppliers. First USA government agencies will make the departure from RIM, then other countries' agencies will follow the trend on the path chose by USA, no matter what others think, the impact in this century on IT is made by USA. Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, Africa and Asia only consume the IT branded by USA companies. Even RIM had the reputation in security due to USA government deal to use their phones.

  • don

is south africa we are wating for it....&also we like blacberry internet service,joint them ,keep up the game.

after all this time i dont think bb os or its phones will rise up again to match android or i os phones , simply i can be sure of that by looking at the specifications of this phone , bb's old black and white menus havent changed a bit , and old dual cores on there first bb 10 phone seems a bit out dated . i have no idea how bb is going to gain the lost market share with such phones and an os ? of course these are business devices but then again i os and android or even windows phone 8 seems more popular feature wise than bb os (new or old) .

"More and More and more Phones Secure" ?? Like which one . . please give me a name of atleast one other phone (or Phone service) which is offering Secure services, i will desperately wait to know :) and do you think thats the reason behind that made UK Govt, Australian Govt, and UAE Govt choose BB for secure Phone services? UK Police Department, Maryland Police Department and US Border and Customs Agency, Canada Revnue Agency are the few among others who choose BB as Secure Service. Do you think Apple and Android are Safe Phones ? give me a break . .Just read the article at http://www.bizjournals.com/bos...ng.html?page

or just google 'top 10 vulnerable phones' that will teach you something. Please come back with facts and figures to make your point. Respect and peace

probably is

  • Anonymous

Fridaybird, 23 Dec 2012IBold9700 Couldn't Agree with you more, that's the whole point. ... moreMore and more phones get more and more secured then BB's main reason to be used gets bleak. It was a business selling Canadian phones to USA government and other businesses will come along selling phones of other brands to government workers. I had a BB phone in the past and the sound was low fidelity, the signal was low, there were few applications and skilled developers to make custom ones, such issues got noticed both by private consummers and governmental workers, at certain time is needed certain applications, certain quality and if you can't find it in a brand you move to other brand.

IBold9700 Couldn't Agree with you more, that's the whole point. When I see kids trolling on BB phones it makes me laugh. They have no idea BB's are used by Govt's and presidents. It is no nonsense stuff. BB users don't crave for lighter app or farting app's etc. It is a tool for professionals and it serves professionals very very well. Trollers who are seeking of demise on BB phones should know that these are not for them. BB's are completely different class. Once you love it you are always in love with it. Ever increasing subscriber base is a live proof of it. It is just not a toy. Case closed.

  • Sugu Sugunesh

Hai Friends Have a Nice Day my name is sugunesh I am waiting World number of mobile is number one RIM's first full-touch BB 10 phone to be called BlackBerry Z10?

100% Co-sign!

  • Sugu Sugunesh

Very very nice i like it

  • Binaka

BB continues their stratergies...

  • Anonymous

It looks like an iPhone!

  • oiltrader

We are so many blackberry clients happy to use our phone as professional tool with the Blackberry physical keyboard,that we are very sad now to see Blackberry joining the club of touchscreen producers,who were always looking for us like "gadget phone"makers,just good for fun,
Let's hope X10 will follow very soon the Z10

  • Alfa

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2012The big advantage with blackberry is the qwerty key pad, the phy... moreI couldn't agree with u more!

I don't really care if it takes off and blows Android and iOS out of the water. BlackBerry's are no nonsense devices that don't hinder productivity like these OS's with their bloated app catalogs. A smartphone above all is a communication device. I think BlackBerry does very well with what they have. I understand they may not be cool because they don't have Instagram or Angry Birds, but that is kids stuff to me and I have grown beyond needing to take pictures of crap to make myself feel like a pocket artist. After using multiple OS's, I am Blackberry through and through. I believe they will survive and will regain a market share, even if it is predominantly in the private sector. To each his or her own.