Sony Xperia T gets Jelly Bean update as a Christmas present

24 December, 2012
The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update launches for the international ant AT&T versions of the smartphone.

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  • sonny

Really good looking phone this is. I wish they will use the same design on the yuga/odin/xperia z.

The knight, 24 Dec 2012what about the xperia S will it get the 4.1.2 version of JBYea Xperia S will get it but according to the update schedule Sony announced couple of days it should be updated by end of march...& asl Xperia T should have been updated by Feb but after the huge criticism they got from the customers & after this news u can expect it much sooner. Hopefully.

  • nasim

The camera is 12mp due to the new superior auto mode (also found on the Xperia V). If you disable it, it is 13mp.

[deleted post]But X10 got Reviews with new update :( I wish a reviews of Xperia T with JB...

  • faust

But the JB update for xperia p is a total CR*P! xperia p maybe is xperia Pointless.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2012My xperia sola is stuck on ICS but it works great Yes the floating touch is really a catch. Nothing I could ask for on my sola at its range.

Xperia Go..Get??

  • Anonymous

How about TX (LT29i)? Any updated information?


Way to go Sony ! Merry Christmas to you !

When SGS III get JB updated GSM Reviews it again and alos HTC. But Will GSMarena Reviews Xperia T with JB update like SGS III or HTC or not?
If you see please Reviews Xperia T With JB ^^

  • iCh4N

So much extended, JB update for the flag of Xperia.. nice GUI

I hope my Xperia SL gets the EXACT Xperience as the Xperia T for the JB update.

As much as I want this to be true, I really don't believe the update would be released without some formal type of announcement from Sony. But it would be a great Christmas gift.

  • Anonymous

My xperia sola is stuck on ICS but it works great

Please Sony provide jelly bean to xperia neo v.

The knight, 24 Dec 2012what about the xperia S will it get the 4.1.2 version of JBYES of course, Its confirmed! Xperia S, SL, and others are getting JB updates in the second Q of 2013 which is a quiet late, but maybe earlier.. lets hope for this because i'll buy Xperia S too ;)

hassan00107, 24 Dec 2012Oh my God sony and google stoped making android devices because ... morehhhhhhhhhhhh.... NICE ONE

  • Phonenab

Sony seems to be getting really serious with updates. I might just end up buying the sony yuga, since oppo find 5 does not include microsd support :(.

  • trinimike

Could have given the 2011 Xperia users a Christmas present :/

  • Anonymous

apple-sux, 24 Dec 2012sony is going to kick samsung's a$$ in 2013 and they will rule t... morealmost impossible for sony to replace samsung.
i'm not samsung fan but i accept that samsung rule android based smartphone selling in the world.
they have good variety of products.

sony has better display than samsung, but has lost competition by samsung top dogs, SGS3 & Note2.

hopefully sony release couple of new phones with 2gb ram