Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is now available for HTC One S

26 December, 2012
The update is available for the international version of the device OTA or through a PC download.

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  • crack-core

Adam, 27 Dec 2012Out as today on O2 UK, if you havent got it yet restart your phone Any idea when Orange carrier is realising the jelly bean update ?

  • milad

Hi, I got the update but did not work please help thanks I'm from Central Asia

  • Adam

Out as today on O2 UK, if you havent got it yet restart your phone

  • pulok

i like it

ow Comm on i ddint get my HTC ONE X (international) JB update yet !! also my htc one s dosent have A JB updat :@ pleez help! and yeah i checked manually And iam from middle east :)

  • Humandroid

It really increase the perfotmance and fluidity, I got 6531 score in the quadrant test while it was 5200 with ICS

icecool, 27 Dec 2012thats nonsence u get a lot of more features my camera works fine... morefrom day one my camera has had trouble keeping focus, it is a very common problem on the ONE S and ONE X .... i do not expect wonders from a camera phone but i do expect the quality to better than my old nokia n95 5 megapixel camera and that def is not the case but again as i said to another person who commented, i am happy with the phone , it is why i bought it in the first place.

MisterCats, 27 Dec 2012Sounds like you're just expecting too much. Should HTC apologize... morei wouldnt say i was expecting too much and why would i want htc to apologise for giving me something that didnt add anything to my phone ? i got the phone in the first place as it was good enough for me. as i said in my opening comment, any updates i have had for any of my phones over the years add very little to the phones original performance in day to day use and in most cases bring along problems .

  • Maverick

AliAhmed, 26 Dec 2012What,s the price of it in PakistanIt was around 38-40k about 3 months ago. Now the prices have drastically fallen down to 32-34k

Unfortunately have not come to the Middle East

  • Shyp

Available in Russia -

  • ggoran

JC90, 27 Dec 2012the update is for One S with S3 chip or S4 chip?Unfortunately it is only for s4, rest of us will have to wait!!!

When will be available in India

Oh yeah. Just one problem, expandable notifications don't work so well

The update is superb though quite large at 600+ mbs.The battery life is great now. Been using my phone for 20 hours and now it's at 38% charge left. It's too too good. Plus Google now is just amazing. U.I fluidity is also improved. Great work htc

the update is for One S with S3 chip or S4 chip?

I have the international version of the one x and got JB 2-3 weeks back..check for the update manually!

EngM, 26 Dec 2012What about the international version of HTC One X ?? Any news fo... moreI have the international version of the one x and got the update 2-3 weeks back..check for the update manually ..!

  • shokhrukh

hi all, i bought htc one s 2 months ago, and i dont know how to upgrade it, could u tell mě how can i upgrade to 4.1.1 ? what should i do?

  • mav3rick

Deepu272, 27 Dec 2012When is the JB update coming for HTC OneX AT&T version?Dec 2013 ...:P