Samsung officially announces Galaxy Note Premium Suite

27 December, 2012
Samsung unveils the Premium Suite update for the original Galaxy Note phablet, coming soon everywhere.

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  • Take That SamSUCK

It's funny how hypocritical most of you are. During the Behold 2 days, you were dogging Samsung and saying how you'd never buy another Samsung product and now look at you. Groveling at the mercy of Samsung. Pathetic Lol

  • Anonymous

You can count on Samsung to deliver their updates!

  • some guy

This makes me happy

  • Anonymous

good job samsung, at least samsung care about their clients.

  • iSamsung Fan

mixa, 27 Dec 2012Another usless and probably buggy"update".hey update now! multiview perfect for big screens.

Samsung were quick to update their flagship Galaxy S3 to jelly bean but the remaining models have been disappointing..! Expected them to update their S2 n note earlier especially since htc n Motorola have already started updating their mid-range devices...! Pickup the pace Samsung!

  • iSamsung Fan

[deleted post]lol do you think samsung is crazy like you producing millions of phones and just waste their time and money? it is samsung devices that people want today and the coming years

  • cfm69

JayTee, 27 Dec 2012i'm excited for this. been waiting for samsung to officially upd... moreOriginal is always the best. Its like a movie, part 1 is always the best.

  • najib

thank you Samsung this is good news for me..

  • Din

How about note 10.1, can update or not? Who can please tell me? Thx

  • Anonymous

mixa, 27 Dec 2012Another usless and probably buggy"update".Buggy and useless like the iOS updates, isn't it?

  • Jay

TheNeighbor, 27 Dec 2012I hope to see a better battery management with this update on th... moreYou rooted your phone and you got the multi windows but not the the SPen hover feature? Flash another ROM dude.. you probably flashed one of the earliest ROM which did not have the hover feature.. I have the SPen hover feature along with other improvements of 4.1.2 for quite a while now..

Alhamdulillah.i've been waiting this soft stuff months ago here in, i bought this dude with 4.0.3 out of the box no longer 2.3.6.this is such a big gift from samsung for i adore the brand since years ago.#waiting is ON

  • James

Whilst I have a Note 1, it is no where near being a netbook replacement, and everyone needs to realise the the limitation of these devices. Great for what they are, but dont think for one moment they are a complete business tool. I travel a lot so it is useful for reading docs and photos, but for most of my day I use the BB9900. All of these updates to Notes and other devices do not offer any real material advantage. Too much time is spend on just the os, which is already full of bloatware and Google spyware. Good device, but will never be great with Android, but maybe with Win 8 and full business integration. Perhaps. Would I get a Note II - no, dont need it.

  • dmakun

TheNeighbor, 27 Dec 2012I hope to see a better battery management with this update on th... moreHello, does the update you currently have on your g note have the notification sound when spen is missing feature like on gnote 2?

  • Hmm

This is great news, but wheres my 4.1.2 update for my note 2?

  • augustomaiden

This will apply to the i717 version?

  • Gadgety

Samsung building the brand. Giving these updates to the Note I exudes confidence that the Note II is so much better it'll still sell. I loved the Note from the get go. That S-pen is futuroretro, and a great move.

  • hadi-iAchilleS

AsifZed69, 27 Dec 2012Great to hear about the forthcoming update, which I hope will ar... moreexatly, i was wondering why samsung did nothing about black cliping after long time

Another usless and probably buggy"update".