Samsung officially announces Galaxy Note Premium Suite

27 December, 2012
Samsung unveils the Premium Suite update for the original Galaxy Note phablet, coming soon everywhere.

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Great to hear about the forthcoming update, which I hope will arrive for UK SIM free owners in early Jan.

But i really want to hear whether Samsung intend to fix the notorious 'black clipping' issue, which affects loads of Note users. As much as I welcome JB and Project Butter goodness, if anything is going to cause me to upgrade to Note 2, it's going to be these video playback issues. In all honesty, I don't expect them to fix it - all a ploy to get owners to upgrade. Disappointing.

  • I-say

pmc, 27 Dec 2012i soo have a reason never to buy a samsung product morebut samsung updates r way better and exciting than google's lame updates. u get tons of new features that one shldn;t b gettin 4 free. wanna go 4 fast updates, suit ur self but ur the one loosing here.

  • JayTee

i'm excited for this. been waiting for samsung to officially update the Note n7000 for a while. didn't like the rounded look of note 2 nor s3 so i stuck with the original. =D

  • nick name

I have been waiting for JB for Note 10.1 its still not availble here yet......I tried even via kies I tried about 3 weeks back

  • bpal

can i upgrade it through my phone internet?
settings> about phone> soft update

  • Mark

is this for the international note only? How about the Korean galaxy note? is it supported with this upgrade? my note's model is shv-e160s

  • bpal

Thank you SAMSUNG and GSMARENA.COM. I was eagerly waiting for this JB update of my 4.0.4 N7000.

  • Farhan

I have already updated my S3 last week in Pakistan.

  • nick name

I have been waiting for JB for Note 10.1 its still not availble here yet......I tried even via kies I tried about 3 weeks back

  • Anonymous

how about galaxy -r and s-advance?

A.H., 27 Dec 2012hey samsung kindly make an effort for us galaxy tab ( 1st gen ) ... moreYou mean you have p1000? Head over to xda. You can install 4.2.1 on your tab! :D

  • tell me

Come on,, samsung gaxalaxy s4.... wait u.....

I hope to see a better battery management with this update on the Note. I've rooted my Note with the pre-released Android 4.1.2 for it, and somehow the features mentioned are the same.

Although I appreciate the update, adding in new life to my 13-month-old unit, it can never have some of the Galaxy Note II's capabilities which I compared thoroughly:

*Note I can't work with the new wireless All Share Cast HDMI accessory dongle or new desktop dock with multiple connection ports.
*Note I has no NFC & its All Share feature is limited only with pictures & not videos to share to other units.
*Note I isn't as fluid with the UI since it only has a dual-core processor & half the RAM of the Note II.
*Note I can do only 4 hours of internet browsing compared to the Note II's almost 9 hours.
*Note I has no S Pen hover preview - this is probably Samsung is holding off
*I only suspect that the Note II's power efficiency is due to the bigger battery, new tech screen, and better power program scripting.

Everything else is awesome! I love the split screen windows, gallery format,new pull-down bar, S Note thumbnail page preview, and video player.

I hope to be surprised with this real official update, probably able to connect to the wireless All Share Cast HDMI dongle.

  • Anonymous

I am waiting for update gs2 to jb

  • Anonymous

What about s-advance any news about JB?

note user, 27 Dec 2012S II is dead. my Note is waaaaau better. so suck it!S2 Sold More units than your Note so you only decide which is better..

  • note n7000

what?? really my galaxy note can update to jelly bean??.. oh yesss!!! love you samsung.. i'm so glad, i will waiting, this will be my new year gifts.. :)

  • Louvre

Will Samsung fix the exynos bug and the screen bug that causes shadows to display wrongly, in this new update? Please gsmarena, do you know anything about this matter? Did samsung say anything about this when officially announced the new update?

  • Anonymous

When will ace2 get JB? This is so frustrating. I love my ace2 but as if we're already on our own, we are not receiving any news or we're clueless when we will get the update.

  • Joey

pmc, 27 Dec 2012i soo have a reason never to buy a samsung product moreif u just care about the android version, yes just get Nexus for the naked android, no any additional features at all. that is simple.