Samsung Galaxy S IV rumored to sport an S Pen when released

28 December, 2012
Reports from Korea point at an April 2013 release for Samsung's next generation Android flagship.

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  • madesina

I just don't get the desire for such big screens. I own the Galaxy Nexus, I received the LTE Titanium S3 when my contract renewed and I just sold it. If the S4 is bigger I'll just be sticking with the Nexus range. I've already pre-ordered a Nexus 4 and mainly because I just didn't want an even larger display but welcome the better RAM and Camera. If only Google would sort out the annoying 16gb maximum memory capacity. *sigh*

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  • 2012-12-30 11:03
  • nxq8
  • Mobilemaster

> In reply to Antonymous @ 2012-12-30 10:36 from vaN} - click to readHi!
I had a Nokia N73 Music Edition, and I needed a paper to put it aside my Sim card, because without it many times I didn't had signal.

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  • 2012-12-30 10:55
  • 0UuK
  • Funny Comparison

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  • 2012-12-30 10:47
  • fkjT
  • mothana

> In reply to Robe0706 @ 2012-12-30 08:43 from tRBf - click to readtotally sure dude

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  • 2012-12-30 10:40
  • n{QE
  • nokiaman

> In reply to Samarth N8 808 user @ 2012-12-29 16:12 from Hkqq - click to readI know belle is ancient but I use 808 preview as well and nothing comes close to the features of that phone . Yes I said features as the only thing lacking is wait nothing is lacking 808 ftw

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  • 2012-12-30 10:37
  • PQi1
  • Antonymous

> In reply to Kenswiss @ 2012-12-29 19:29 from fu$Z - click to readGive me a link for Nokia durability. N95, N85, N86, whatever N-series, durable? They break into plastic pieces by looking hard at them, cant handle a gentle drop, other nokia models again have buttons falling off, and so on and on.

On the internals its normal for all N-series to not function properly after a few years, they freeze and shutdown and whatever.

How many Nokias have you had that needed a piece of paper behind the battery to work? Any other brand where you needed the paper? I never seen it on a sony ericsson or samsung.

Mhy last Nokia was a N9, thats not long ago, but it broke in less than a year, no cellular signal, degrading signal already when it was a few months old, and then zero signal after around 10 months. Sorry to say i have not experienced anything like it from any other brand.

I used to buy and sell and repair cellfones, and Sony Ericsson has always been the more durable brand, and i see many old samsungs working flawlessly without any missing plastic pieces. The solid nokias are only few, like the brick N900, stronger and more flexible pastic than other N-series but now lots of people already had defective N900s, obviously the durability of mainboards and other internal stuff has not improved.

The nokia quality myth was busted long time ago, there are lomits for how long you cn worship the 3310 for being solid, simple feature phones last longer, that not a miracle, it has no advanced parts inside, all circuits are giant dinosaur-style.

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  • 2012-12-30 10:36
  • vaN}
  • Tkae303

Aww man just bought an S3 & they already talking bou an S4 in april,this is why i hate samsung not all of us can afford to get a new fone every year,they now acting lyk apple with the continuous iphone releases every 6-8months

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  • 2012-12-30 09:42
  • 0wqU
  • Robe0706

If Samsung Galaxy SIV has an S-Pen, there is no difference between Note series and Galaxy S series. To be honest, it will be like a Galaxy Note MINI.

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  • 2012-12-30 08:43
  • tRBf
  • iFan

Who cares...I am waiting for iphone 20...with all this features..

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  • 2012-12-30 07:41
  • UNUH
  • Anonymous

Need to have a durable Shell like lumina or else i am not interested.

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  • 2012-12-30 06:17
  • HsJt
  • my god......

again 5 inch ...i want a phone...not tablet !!!!!!

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  • 2012-12-30 05:42
  • LaIG
  • Tim

> In reply to TheNeighbor @ 2012-12-30 03:05 from v0qx - click to readI also have the original Note, upgraded to ICS in Indonesia, and it slowed right down - many people unhappy with the upgrade. You say it is a powerful business tool - I dont agree - it is great for presentations and reading doc, excellent camera, but it is not a netbook replacement - far from it - good at what it is, a bigger screen, but over rated in business. One can easily do without it in business - better to have a quality 12" Notebook and a BB9900 for traveling. I now leave the Note behind because it cannot do what I want from it.

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  • 2012-12-30 03:46
  • y$i%
  • TheNeighbor

> In reply to Kenswiss @ 2012-12-29 19:29 from fu$Z - click to readNot healthy for the industry in the long run? WTF! That's the reason Nokia is behind and look at how their handsets are not selling! I've had the first Galaxy Note ever since it was released 13 months ago, with upgraded Android 4.1.2 with almost all the features of what the Note II has. Split screen multi-tasking is possible and rightfully so with a bigger screen and better hardware. I don't even consider the Note to be a "phone" anymore, more of a high-tech tool that is thin, powerful for work, play, presentation, sharing, entertainment, communication and art work. Stop denying it - the damn thing fits in the pocket because it's the size of an A6 Moleskine notebook. I'm getting the Note II next week because it can handle the software better with a more powerful processor and twice the RAM!

Apple fans are telling us Android is pathetic because it needs high specs to run. They are perfectly happy with just a single core processor or just a 512 mb of RAM a few months back. Why do you think Apple has upgraded the processor and RAM now?

There is nothing wrong with getting something less, if you are into the late 90s for 2G phones. For example, iPhone users find the iPhone 5 something they need - 4" screen with an extra row of icons, mono audio recording for the videos, the same icon layout since 2007, no direct file transfers (wired or wireless), love iTunes to manage content, they're fine with plugging in most of the time or running out of battery because it's fixed, doesn't matter with the metal surface gets scratched or love just buying casings, can't do anything with the icon configuration, and would gladly pay for contents all the time.

We have choices because there is innovation all the time, just like whatever you have chosen to buy and use something because you thought it's the coolest thing and answers your personal needs.

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  • 2012-12-30 03:05
  • v0qx
  • Jack

Frankly, who cares, it will make no notable difference to your life style. There is little real material gain with smart phones over the last few years since the iphone 4. Sure, Apple opened the door to value and size for Android, but still Android has not delivered anything marginally different in OS capability, or has hardware developments delivered any more than screen size and decent cameras. Where is the real innovation? Everyone is now getting orgasmic on marginal benchmark gains (which mean little in the real world) and marginal hardware gains, like an S-pen, which no one really needs. This is all just marketing where you are suckered into the model development process when you buy a new mobile largely based on bling-bling, as the snobs (and ignorant) would say.

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  • 2012-12-30 01:58
  • y$i%
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Kenswiss @ 2012-12-29 19:29 from fu$Z - click to readwhat durability test?

the one youve seen on youtube. hammering nokia or whatever thing only insane could do?

i would never buy a phone and drop it intentionally on the ground floor when im on 13th floor

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  • 2012-12-30 01:41
  • t7Xk
  • Mark

> In reply to emadshiny @ 2012-12-29 21:12 from pT6c - click to readYou can buy Note 2 now, it's no surprise it's the second most popular device here at GSM Arena.

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  • 2012-12-29 23:15
  • 0wWa
  • nasznjoka2

As USUAL samsung gonna set a benchmark to which flagship qualities are gonna be referred to

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  • 2012-12-29 23:00
  • NXx1
  • henromeh

> In reply to b1acktiger @ 2012-12-29 11:21 from YQJv - click to readI love ur comment.u said de truth.i was a nokia fan too.i was completely sick n tired of my n8 it heat y browsing n as well as de battery drain very fast. It slow as well I nw upgraded to Sammy galaxy note 2. I realise I was fooling my self with nokia. Am enjoying my note well.

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  • 2012-12-29 22:12
  • ftKb
  • Anonymous

> In reply to emadshiny @ 2012-12-29 21:12 from pT6c - click to readNo need to postpone, Note 2 is the greatest right now and you will not regret even a second if you buy one now.

...Unless you are an iphone fans who only can afford to buy a phone on a nazi contract every two years.

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  • 2012-12-29 21:40
  • vaN}
  • emadshiny

come on plz
i was planning to buy a note2 in coming days
i think i must postpone my plan to 3,4 month later

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  • 2012-12-29 21:12
  • pT6c