More photos of the 6.1" Huawei Ascend Mate make the rounds

29 December, 2012
The 6.1" screen sporting Android device will be unveiled in a little over a week during CES 2013.

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I don't know why people are so negative on this phone/tablet.

There is a gap between 5.5 and 7 inches... Good on haweai for trying to fill it... It won't appeal to a lot of people but that's called personal choice.

I remember the note copping a similar bagging and it has been a MASSIVE SUCCESS. That said I am not sure on haweai but time will tell.

As for size.... I have a note 2 and don't even notice it in most of my shorts or pants... This phone will only be a few mm wider and longer so I don't see a real problem. I am hoping for a note 3 around 6 inches.

  • huaweiFanboy

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2012Substantial difference in the screen size in comparison to the N... morefor people who thinks huawei is bad,

its not. I have 2 huaweis and not even singke problem ever! You just think that theyre shitty devices but you guys dnt even own one of these .... gtfo

grotesque design for sad clowns and tasteless people or loosers wich want to show off

  • Anonymous

u all moan but the question is, will it blend

  • Anonymous

Sami sarparah, 29 Dec 2012The phone is awesome 'especially with 1.8ghz of quad core pro an... moreWhats awesome with 1.8 GHz? Have we forgotten already the days when Intel Core 2 at 2.4 GHz hmiliated the Pentium 4 at 3.8GHz? GHz means NOTHING.

Its a shame that this device get so much attention, people will continue to buy Note 2 no matter what, this isnt even making a dent in the sales of Note 2. Its almost like a china made Bentley copy, no matter how much gold plating they put in the grille its not gonna hurt the Bentley sales. This Huawei is exclusively for losers, and doesnt deserve more than a footnote.

  • henromeh

Chinese product are mess.they lag alot even de battery use to be something else. If for instance ur fone have a problem getting de parts is a problem. Even if they want they produce a phone with gold n diamonds I won't buy.note ii still remains the best till date.I love plastic cos I hav used aluminum n matal they are nothing to right home abt.

Umbilical Noose, 29 Dec 2012The question is, will it fit in your pocket?Certainly not! :P

The question is, will it fit in your pocket?

Is this a phone or a tablet? I'm lost.

They wanna put this little shit in comparison to the Note 2? Puhleaseee. Big screen means nothing if you dont have the brilliant S-Pen with it its 128 pressure point and the software optimization that comes with the Note 2. Not to mention the sheer amount of support that the Note series have over at XDA (or the whole world for that matter). But I like the 4000mah battery it pack, just hope they does pack a real 4000mah inside it though. Chinese branded product are notorious for its unreliability, dont get confused there is a big difference betweena chinese branded product and a china-made Apple product (for example)

  • Kornetbeef

Sell this in Indonesia!!!!

  • Epicurus1

If you cant get it in your pocket then it's useless as a phone. You probably could have a screen larger than a note 2 but only slightly 5.6-7"

  • zzzzzz

nice but when will we get the full specification of this phone?

  • Anonymous

why u guys are concerned about size.this is just a nice looking and well specced tablet.if huawei says its a phone,doesnt mean it really is. i m not bound to believe...this is simply a tablet.nothing else

  • GooNex7

If this thing is not expensive then I will add this one to my collection of big screen hybrid smartphone. No harm then.

  • Karlo

But whats the ppi of display?

  • monster

too small I want 7 inch :D

  • Anonymous

Nice design

grotesque design for sad clowns and tasteless people

6.1 inch is too big for a phone. Even 5.5 inch or 5 inch is way too big, you need both hands and a suitcase to take it with you...