Samsung Galaxy Note II sales in Korea top 1 million units

31 December, 2012
Samsung has achieved the home market milestone for the S Pen sporting device in only three months.

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Hands down the best phone in the world at this moment in time, will still be one of the best in 12 months time, iphone 5 what hahahaha

Oppa Samsung Style... :-)

I have had this phone for 2-3 months now and it is simply BRILLIANT.

It has a great battery life, is really quick and smooth and the screen is amazing... (all other screens look average in comparison)

The best thing is it easily fits in my pocket and is with me at all times.

At the moment this is the beat phone available.

  • Diqse

No matter what anyone says or tells you, the Note 2 is the best mobile device hands down. As long as the screen size does'nt bother u then i strongly suggest u go for it. Just take a look at the specifications, its almost like a mini laptop.

  • henromeh

We are complaining that the device is not ok but people are still buying it so whats the point.let be sincere to our self and say the true to help dose who want to learn n buy a good phone. Fanboy oor no fanboy this guys(Samsung) are trying lets appreciate their good work. They even made high end phones available for us at a moderate price. We de average man.kudos to Samsung.

  • henromeh

Whatever ever u people say degradation or not degradation. Amoled or nt Amoled. Plastic or nt. Plastic. This phone is the best mobile in its time. Sammy keep up de good work n keep improving. I love plastic cos de paint doesn't pill of that fast on like aluminium.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2012amoled's do degrade noticeably after a year. and there is hints... moreYou said people keep their phone 2 years tops and STILL you trying to say degradation of amoled is a problem? Wow, hater. So AMOLED must last 10 years, but LCD is ok if it last only 2 years? How self contradicting can one get?? You just blasted through all established boundaries on that one.

I have a Nokia N85 to prove what i am saying, and i have seen old Galaxy S, and you read it as i am a fanboy defending samsung? I dont like amoled, but i am realistic, i base my facts on what i see, not on hate like you do.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2012The degradation is not a big problem, it happens so slowly and g... moreamoled's do degrade noticeably after a year. and there is hints of image retention on some screens. i haven't seen true burn-in, as i think people still get burn-in and image retention confused like they do with plasmas. amoled still has a ways to go before they can release commercially to the public and not have noticeable degradation on a display in the living room or monitor. and backlights rarely go out in cellphones seeing as most people only have their phone 2 years tops. so that statement is untrue. i think you're a samsung fanboy and are spewing misinformation. the major problem with lcd's is once again color accuracy, light bleed and display uniformity. it is less of a problem on cellphones, but the standards need to be set higher for tablets for sure, or android will continue to get a bad reputation for low quality products.

  • Xperia Nexus

I used note 2 for 2 month no doubt it's a great device but not any more the most powerful and fastest phone after Lg optimus g and I phone 5 release.

  • Anonymous

jgalvez21, 31 Dec 2012because with the time amoled degrate.The degradation is not a big problem, it happens so slowly and gradually that you will not notice it. I have seen an old Galaxy S, heavily used by a cellphone adik, the display was still very bright and excellent contrast.

I still have a NOkia N85, that was Nokias first AMOLED phone, the display is still very good. Now ofcors the N85 has a lower PPI than Gaalxy S, but N85 is not Pentile, it uses real RGB stripe, sp the pixels are still quite small and still going strong.

This is a phone from 2008, no burn in, and not noticeable degraded. And, 2008, how much have the amoled tech evolved in these years? A lot.

I think most of those who are talking about AMOLED degrading are samsung haters. They have an agenda. Sorry to say that defective LCD backlight is still one of the common problems on displays, less now with the move to LED backlight but LEDs do also degrade.

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2012The saturation was a big problem for me as well, but no problem ... morebecause with the time amoled degrate.

  • Anonymous

PoLiTiX, 31 Dec 2012I've been drooled for 2 months since the Note II been released t... moreThe saturation was a big problem for me as well, but no problem since its adjustable, i set mine to the lowest, called Movie, its good. One have to wonder why samsung chooses to mega-oversaturate by default, it looks stupid and is downright shameful. I had a Nokia N9 for a while, it has a samsung amoled display as well but the colors where good on that one, just that it had a pentile matrix and therefor very low clarity.

I would not have bought Note 2 if it had pentile, for sure.

  • Terry

Initially I thought this phone will have no market as it is oversize. But I notice the users around me majority are ladies who always put their phone in handbag. The fact is this phone is really has lot of innovative functions which are impressive.

  • Derhunter23

And then there are rumours of a 6.3" Note and/or 7" Note as well. Good. We have more choices. Happy New Year to GSMArena and to everybody. Cheeeeeersss

I've been drooled for 2 months since the Note II been released to the market and my craving got worsed when I read the review on GSMA. The mobile stores in my hometown don't even have a working sample to try, and that's sucks!

When I visited Singapore last month, there was a chance for me to satisfy my hunger of curiousity for 2 months.
But I kinda dissapointed when I've put Note 2 hands on and tried it about 30 minutes at 3 different stores (2 carrier stores and 1 Samsung stores). I also compared other Android phones like S3 (borrowed from my cousin), XPERIA TX, and HTC One X beforehand.

The result is not as what I expected for Note 2. It still feel heavy for the menu transitions and scrolling not that smooth as people are talking about. Screen rotation has delay for about 1 - 2 seconds, tried on 3 different Note II devices at 3 diferrent stores. And Samsung's screeen also making it worse, it's way too oversaturated. I looked at the app's icons like WhatsApp the color is very green and KakaoTalk is so yellow, and I also looked at the sample pictures on Note II which there is a man wearing a red shirt, guess what... the red color on the shirt is glowing because the oversaturated color on Samsung's screen. I still prefer XPERIA's and HTC's screen colors, they are more natural. But what I like about Samsung is their software on their Android phones. I like the shortcuts like switching data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc you name it on notification screen, looks more complete to me for shortcut settings compared other Android phones I tried before like XPERIA and HTC. And I decided not to buy Note II, it's quite dissapointing for making that decision just so you know, as Note II still not meets my expectation. Maybe the euphoria and excitement of Note II by people are just way too over.

But compare to SGS3, Note II significantly and prolly the fastest Android phone currently available on the market. My cousin previously used iPhone 4 and I insist him to answer honestly, and he said he still likes iPhone 4 rather than SGS3. He also added, after taking pictures on his SGS3 and when view the results on it's screen the pictures look very nice, but when he copies 'em, he gets dissapointed by the results as the the pictures not as nice as when view 'em on the phone's screen. He feels cheated by the pictures results on the Samsung's screen, just FYI he has a photography hobby. He willing to pay some bucks just to enter some places he thinks nice for photograph and taking DSLR with him to take some pictures alone, so do I.

I'm currently using iPhone 4S, it's my first iPhone. After using my cousin's SGS3 on Jelly Bean for an hour to get know and explore Android OS, and when I back to my iPhone 4S, it just felt so light when it comes to menu scrolling and transtition. It's so significant as it was sudden changed with about 5 - 10 minutes gap. Maybe I'll wait for next year and see how the next generation iPhone as well as Note series (3rd generation) go with their new OS versions, then I'll decide again which phone meets my needs.

Recently I attracted by HTC Butterfly, but when I see the battery capacity I still prefer Note 2 if I have to choose between those two. Eventhough it has full HD resolution and 441 ppi, still not making Note II's screen so bad to look at (except the overstaurated color which I find not suits for me) while in the other hand it's got 1100mAh more with just 0.5 inch screen size bigger which may cause portability issue in some situations.
I did laugh at the first time when I saw the HTC Butterfly's battery is only 2020mAh with that kind of specs, and I think it must be worse than Nexus in terms of battery life. But the battery test result on GSMA is only 2 hours ealier to be out of juice compare to iPhone 5 and I'm quite impressed with HTC for what they've done for optimizing the OS to get long battery life in one fully charged. But still 20 hours earlier than Note 2.

I'm not a fanboy of any brands, I'm the one who gave money to those companies by buying their products, it's not the other way around. So I just want to spend my money to something that I think the best for me.

By the way, Happy New Year everyone. It's about 15 minutes to 12.00 AM!

  • Anonymous

Strange it has not sold more, its the ultimate cellphone, bigger better faster and lasts the whole day, even beats the quad kraits in the important benchmarks, its the most feature rich phone to date with amazingly few software bugs and flawless stability. If i was gonna say something negative about the software it must be that Smart Rotation does not work as well as it would be fair to expect.

Its already 2013 here in Philippines, APPy new year to all android users and crAPPy new year to the WP and iOS boys (as usual, they are used to it). Too bad the Note 2 didnt reach 10 million in 2012 but im sure it will not take long before its there now.

Best device ever... thx Sammy!

if you like samsung or not. people have to admit what they acieved. incredible! in 3 months 2% of the south korean bought this phone.

Now Note II already reach far beyond their sales target.....please release Jelly Bean update for Note I

  • Anonymous

note2 is the king of smartphone!