Ubuntu for phones announced, arrives in early 2014

03 January, 2013
Based on the Android kernel but uses a completely new interface with gesture-based navigation.

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Google should ditch Dalvik VM out of Android. Go native, that will remove the lags. Additionally, standardize the screen resolutions.

  • Anonymous

I don't trust a guy talking about "their mission" and looking like a godfather's right hand:)...ubuntu/mozilla/sailfish/tizen/bb/ios/an­droid/wp and maybe more, competition is good but a little work in the hardware department wouldn't hurt

I want this on my next phone, refreshing UI and its beautiful, unlike that stupid ui of android =D, i have dual-boot Ubuntu with windows 7 and its sweet..

Finally an OS that will take full advantage of our smartphone's hardware without sucking resources and draining battery badly, next step is to launch Ubuntu store and let's forget about WinAndrIOS.

  • Harvinder Singh

It would be amazing,but android is also amazing

So... if there is no buttons, how do I make back in an app, or close Apps??

  • Anonymous

wow... tizen , jolla and now ubuntu.. welcome to open source mobile os :D

  • alfred_fischermann

hello future!

  • kampsy

sailfish, 03 Jan 2013Nokia n9 and windows phone copycat.what have they got from meego and windows? You windows funs are unbelievable.ubuntu mobile is a whole different paradym.how is unity similar to metro ui and meegos rounded icon.dont be funny.just admit that canonical have made an impresive os.

  • Anonymous

nice mobil

This is exactly what MeeGo would've been. Glad to see the spirit of MeeGo living on.

  • Anonymous

Didn't see a back button anywhere? No multi levels in an app? Or is the swype left really a back gesture and not an app switch gesture?

  • Anonymous

Didn't look secure at all... or does it only work when using my finger using fingerprint recognition or something? No need for unlock screen?
And where is the Ubuntu market place for buying apps?

  • limko

Viva Ubuntu & Ubuntu phones.
Forever Ubuntu fun.

  • amir


  • kaloyski

[deleted post]huh!!!

  • Bharath


  • kaloyski


  • :)


  • Anonymous

I'm so hoping that "4" for 2014 is a typo. :|