Samsung acknowledges Galaxy S III sudden death, fix is on the way

03 January, 2013
Samsung finally addressed the issue known as "sudden death" on some Galaxy S III and promised a fix.

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read again:
"As it turns out the "sudden death" issue is affecting VERY SMALL number of Galaxy S III phones with 16GB storage and appears about half a year after the initial activation."
So no big deal, although some ppl would like to make it. Let's see how those Lumia 920 bricks will do in about have a year. The fuzzy camera issue was fixed, but who knows what else will happen in the future. Maybe those big SAR values will give brain cancer to the Lumia owners.

  • Anonymous

May be its laggy. It will turn on to its original screen after another 6 months of continous touching?!

still no jelly bean update for me - im from srilanka - shame on samsung - im still stuck on ics ....

I have Galaxy s3 It's really good word and very fast but when i had Iphone ,it's not good for me because it was small screen and ...

i love Galaxy S3 and i'm waiting for galaxy s4

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popye, 03 Jan 2013You obviously haven't seen a Lumia 920 in person. The Lumia 920 ... moreCheck again:

  • Manjo

Nick, 03 Jan 2013Samsung never made a reliable cell phone, I have nokia phones fr... morereally... But in uer dream..only

  • fazil

Atleast they have solution for it nice samsung i love you.

  • Anonymous

ObserverPh, 03 Jan 2013Ahh, so there are third party casing maker for SG3.. nice to hea... morethey have in sm megamall philippines

  • Neodeskal

sean, 03 Jan 2013Samsung really sucks big time!!!! All our Samsung phones were de... moreApple troll :P

my frieds phone died yesterday out of blue.

  • Neodeskal

mixa, 03 Jan 2013Samsung fails again with a flagshiip mobile.Why is this not surp... morego back to the hills spple lover :P

Samsung fails again with a flagshiip mobile.Why is this not surprising me at all.....

This and lots of other major issues were reported to Samsung countless times and they suddenly got change of heart?!?..

It is not only the 16GB version that is affected btw, google will help you on this or just go to xda.

Well congratz for the new "feature" to all S3 owners.

  • Anonymous

Sounds like samsungs death clock was programmed wrong. Suppose to happen a year not half. Then there isn't warranty and a new phone to buy.

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If it's a software fault then it's not a big deal? Just reflash?

  • prz3mas

Anyone has the same problem with Galaxy S3 mini?

don't compare Nokia's material quality with that of Sammy's plz. it is like comparing gold with bronze.
if Nokia could forget about Symbian and stick to Android, now the story was different.

  • Dee

Dee, 03 Jan 2013You should not be charged for that service!!! Samsung is solely ... moreI meant *without charge*

  • Shoaib

This sudden death issue is fixed in the latest firmware I9300XXELLA 4.1.2
for download link here you go..

NOTE : This is Odin Flashable Stock Firmware

X, 03 Jan 2013Why do you mention Nokia Lumian 920 and not iPhone 5 for example... moreYou obviously haven't seen a Lumia 920 in person. The Lumia 920 is just as thin as a Samsung Galaxy S Duos and just heavy as Samsung Galaxy Note II. Y'all are exaggerating for calling it bulky.

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$auz, 03 Jan 2013to all the guys who think nokia is a cheap heap of plastic: have... moreWhy do you mention Nokia Lumian 920 and not iPhone 5 for example. Looks like some people are paid to mention Nokia phones on every article about other phones. You're disgusting! And btw, 920 is a brick, the time for bulky phones is long gone.