Samsung starts Jelly Bean rollout for the Galaxy S Advance

07 January, 2013
The Galaxy S Advance has received Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in Russia, Nature UX included.

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Just registered to share my experience as like many others i was also frustrated with gingerbread.

If somebody wants to upgrade then follow these steps.

Fully charged Galaxy S Advance phone (I9070) – Make sure your phone is fully charged or atleast >60% battery capacity. (This doesn’t work with I9070P)
USB Data Cable.
Backup your android phone because after flashing this firmware, we need to factory reset our phone.
Risk: Sometimes things may go wrong, so proceed at your own risk..
download russian firmware XXLPZ from:­­­.html­

After this download ODIN form here

Extract both the zip files with winrar.
Turn off your phone.
Now press volume down key+ home key + power button together simultaneously for few seconds until you get haptic feedback from your phone i.e. until your phone vibrates to enter download mode. Now press volume up key to confirm that you want to proceed ahead when asked to do so on the screen.
Launch ODIN program on your computer. Make sure Samsung Kies program is not running on your computer at that time. If it is, just close Kies.
Connect Galaxy S advance phone with usb data cable to your comuter.
In ODIN program, you’ll see a box colored with com number indicated. In the log section of ODIN program, it’ll display Added message. This indicates that your phone is successfully detected by ODIN program.
Click on PDA button and browse to the firmware extracted folder and select the firmware file…..I9070XXLPZ_I9070SERLPZ…. )
Hit on Start Button. You’ll see the download progress bar moving on your phone. Wait for sometime. Since this is major release, you might have to wait a little longer.
After flashing everything, ODIN will reboot your phone automatically and display PASS message in its box.
Done. When phone starts again, it’ll take time to start. It’ll display that Android is upgrading and optimizing apps.
You’ll be presented with Set-up wizard where you’ll have to enter certain details, select your language, enter your samsung account details, etc.
After completing everything, you’ll find that all your previous apps, messages, contacts are intact. Well, don’t be hopeful because you might face several problems like no network connectivity after flashing jelly bean firmware on Galaxy S Advance, or the UI screen very laggy, or excessive RAM usage, etc. To solve such issues and to experience speed Jellybean butter effect, you have to factory reset your phone. So, Switch Off your phone. Press Volume up key + Home button + power key together simultaneously to enter recovery mode. Use volume up/down key to navigate through the options and power key to select/execute a particular option. Select Wipe Cache here. Now select Factory Reset. Now Select Reboot. Galaxy S Advance will reboot in normal mode. After successful start, you’ll be again presented with Set-up wizard. Here, select English language first of all as the defaul will be russian. Now proceed as usual with other details.
Done! Now enjoy and experience JellyBean on Galaxy S Advance phone in any country. Do tell us what’s new in jellybean for galaxy s advance. We’ve found speed improvement, RAM addition (about 100mb more RAM), Zoom support in Camera, Pop up Play support, Smart Dial feature, Shortcuts on Lockscreen, Nature UX Touchwhiz UI, etc. Unfortunately, Smart Stay feature is not there.

Next process is to root the device, its simple
download the root pack from
place it in your SD card then switch off your phone.
Go into recovery mode by pressing volume up, home button together then power on button until android logo comes.
In recovery go to update from sd card using volume rocker and select with power on button, then select from sd card and then select with power button, your phone will root after completion of process, press reboot system. When your phone will start it will show you SU in apps that means your phone is rooted.

then download "seeder.apk" from 4shared install it.
Select on, then select start on boot and then select aggressive.

Enjoy your jellybean.

If any problem in any step dont hesitate to ask.


I have updated to Jellybean latest version and then I rooted my phone now its working like a charm, no lag issue, no network or camera issue. All you need is just root your phone and install seeder and dxtoolbox then your phone will fly and you will never go back to gingerbread. Jellybean is awesome and butter smooth.

I have been using this phone for 5 months now and like all you people I was also waiting for Jellybean in Saudi Arabia, but its like it will never come then I decided last week to update it manually with official russian rom.

  • MG

Tired waiting........ thinking of changing the brand.

  • dhananjay

when it come to india

  • User22

Hey guys don't loose hope, believe me there are lot of problems like lagging in between video playing and many more Russian friends are Facing. Still there are bugs to take care of. Even samsung announced about the jb 4.2.2 for s advance. So be patient for better operating system.

  • blazone

Tired of using ginger holds a vast share in market for its mobile fones but still it does not provide any jely beam update in india...realy its a fool thing to do with...

  • pk

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2013I have bought one SGSA last september. Its showing a peculiar pr... moreI only faced such problems with airtel

  • MG

I dont think samsung could be able to give 4.2 for SGSA since they havent provided 4.1 till late march
if they promised to give 4.2 to SGSA i think i would have rather changed my phone till that time

  • yachu

We Dont want 4.2 , Wher is 4.1?

  • rahul

:'( jelly bean ??????

  • asif

Should we wait 4 jelly bean or change our brand????

  • Anonymous

That merely means that they don't know when it will be out, not that it won't be out.

I don't think that we in India are going to taste Jelly Bean in near future on our S Advance, as I wrote to the Samsung Coustomer support and they replied me in this way

"We thank you for taking time for
sending this email. We are sorry for the
inconvenience caused to you. As per the mentioned query of
Samsung mobile model Galaxy S
Advance, we would like to inform you
that Samsung don’t have any official
information of launch of Jelly Bean for
the same in INDIA so kindly bear with us till then. Regards, Technical Support Team Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

  • Shrawan Sahu

india is one of the biggest mobile selling market for samsung... so i think samsung must provide jelly bean update for their customers for india...
its been such a long time that we indian got the news about update for samsung sets in india..
and like there will be a big nomber of people who would waiting for update.
but samsung is disapontning with us. so i request samsung to provide jelly bean update for india as soon as posiable..

  • Anonymous

According to rumors samsung galaxy s advance may get android 4.2.2 update also

  • MG

This may be a good news for us.And we can expect update in April.

Another Update of Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Samsung Galaxy S Advance in Serbia (XXLQB). I think with this update there is improvement over XXLQ4.

  • san

no one knows about jellybean update date for india.. they found lot of bugs after releasing in russia. be patient guysss till we get official firmware. u can update through odin. but u wil definately face problems like lagging and network issues after updating russian's firmware...

  • nico

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2013Any exact date for indian s advance update? Tired waiting!!!No!!!

  • Anonymous

Any exact date for indian s advance update?
Tired waiting!!!