Samsung I9500X name shows up on official site, what is it?

07 January, 2013
The model number cropped up at Samsung's Global Download Center, but there's no more info about it.

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  • fahim

I love Samsung mobile's

There is actually nothing as shown on the picture(GT-I9500X) on the source link of samsung website. Go check it out and see for yourself... If it was actually there then maybe it has been removed or it is a prank...

Even a small mistake in the samsung website becomes a big mysterious news. Ignore that, its nothing :)

Galaxy S3 Plus

  • Mint Condition

some1, 07 Jan 2013+1, Ubuntu all the way This is the operating system that will... moreUBUNTU will will complete and utter rubbish if they handle the mobile business like the do the PC.

Nobody wants it, it's not user friendly despite trying many flavors in my honest attempts to give it a chance.

Incompatibilities galore and driver issues plague this 'geeks OS for Windows haters'.

I'll stick with W7 and my easy Android partnership.

If UBUNTU or TIZEN does better than BADA; I'll eat my 'Red Hat!'

i love the built in worker! :D

  • lol

another sudden death?! hahaha so lol samsung

aaah look at the size of that thing ,i bet samsung phones in 2015 will be available with a built in worker to carry the 60" display for users :D :D :D big looooool ,jst ios

  • AAA

MJ Robles, 07 Jan 2013This made me laugh hard.looks you are crazy...

  • Anonymous

i know that they gonna skip number 4, it just a bad luck.... lol

  • Android Man

i hate to state the obvious but could it be the S4. just a thought.!!

Wow ,It will be the Ogre !

Tizen is probably good, but it is only Samsung so I think Ubuntu-phones will be better!

Ubuntu Takeover, 07 Jan 2013Tizen phone huh? Hmmm I was interested in Tizen especially afte... more+1, Ubuntu all the way

This is the operating system that will get android, ios and wp8 to their knees, cuz fully open source can rule the world \o/

  • Anonymous

after the first drowning in the bada comes this,at least android wil get rid of the copycung

is not logical to think that this is the gs4 because the gs3 still selling very well and is not gonna come so early ,samsung will wait untill everyone show there products so they can do a better one and still be kings

  • FaraZ

I think it's a Tizen based device
because we know that Samsung has a philosophy of naming it devices and Galaxy S IV according to past should carry the code name of GT-I9400

muxbux, 07 Jan 2013it will be one device with two os to choice tizen or android That would be great.

  • MJ Robles

Ludovic From France, 07 Jan 2013Omg Omg Omg *run all over the place* Omg Omg Omg This made me laugh hard.