Samsung announces Exynos 5 Octa, an A15 and A7 hybrid SoC

09 January, 2013
The Exynos 5 Octa promises 70% lower power consumption compared to the Exynos 5 Dual.

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Dont know why my heart still goes to krait(all purpose) and tegra(gaming).

  • Anonymous

Great! hopefully samsung can implement this quickly and come out with great products!

  • Anonymous

mesmere, 10 Jan 2013They are unbeatable. Its been five years since launch of android... moreThat's what I think about Nokia in the past, nothing can dethrone the king. Boy was I wrong.

  • Anonymous

mesmere, 10 Jan 2013Goodluck if that's what you think is gonna boost their sales volume. Can't you read? I never said anything about that. I like phones from Samsung. S2 was their greatest creation, nothing more. Don't like the powerhouse of Samsung now. I would choose Sony for now. It's like choosing between a bugatti and a Ferrari. I'd choose Ferrari anytime.

  • Not II

Even with 2x in gfx, is no where near as iPhone 4. And with iPhone 5 2x faster than iPhone 4S.

Which makes iPhone 5 is 4x faster than SGSiii and 2x faster than SGS4 or Note 3 or Tab 3 or 4!

Sammy needs to forget this S4 trash and bring in S5 or S6 to compare to iPhone 5!

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013Sony doesnt make their own processor if you check the timeline b... moreBefore making Xperia Z, sony's ceo told the press they are working on a phone that wil beat SGS3 nd iP5 ! LOL! Big joke. After SGS4+iP5S/6, sony's ceo wil tel they are working to beat S4 n i5S/6 ?? Sony is outdated and late on the race.

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa is better than Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013Actually there are awards for designs.Goodluck if that's what you think is gonna boost their sales volume.

  • Carol

What other thing could this guys do, then smartphones with Octa-core cpu:)))? Now, THAT'S true innovation (hapciu). I foreseen this since the - not so impressive - s3 came out. Don't expect to much innovation in the phones to support this cpu (i tell you that much)... Instead of optimizing and innovating... they do what they can (since they have nothing to copy anymore) so they're releasing useless cores. Telling to the mass: Hey, buy this, it has better cpu, doesn't eat that much battery:))). It is impressive that this works for them:)). My, what good things for the future this samsung can bring to the table. Such, that everyone want's to steal it:-J (haha). Incredible!

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013samsung unbeatable? oh please. no one remains market leader forever. They are unbeatable. Its been five years since launch of android, did you see anyother oem getting anywhere closer to them. Its a big gap between Samsung and whoever is next in line. and it's gonna take more than some xperia z to break the bar.

  • anonymus

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013More likely Samsung will slap an Exynos sticker on an ARM chip a... morefyi, ARM doesn't make chips, they only license it to manufaturers like,, samsung

  • Ror

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013There always a limit.. Yup you are right.. Technology keep impro... moreSooner or later, technology will always advance. It just happens that samsung is leading the advancement of technology now. Look what happened to windows phones? Ppl said it only needed single core, but now there is also dualcore. The competition is only catching up. Only android can adapt to the fast advancement of hardware due to its open nature.

  • Dex

YES!! This should beon Samsung Galaxy s4 CPU!!
Now i will be able to browse internet on 3G without the phone heating at 40c Temperature.

Low Temp, Efficiency and Performance!! this is what is needed for upgrade!!

Samsung claims 8 core chipset will consume 70% less power compared to it's quad core devices,while ensuring better perfomance.So why not wait until octa core devices start rolling out instead of being hyperncritical?...Research and innovation should continue for the good of mankind and everything should be tested.

  • Anonymous

Wow sammi keep it up.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013why not just have more power states on the a15? This is a weird ... morewhy not just have more power states on the a15? This is a weird way to do it. // No It`s not. It is all about performance per watt. At lower power state A15 will deliver 3 times lower P/W ratio than A7 with lower heat output. Reasonable enough?

  • Anonymous

vipul12310, 10 Jan 2013samsung is king of smartphones. this shows that samsung will dom... moreYeah they will sell S2plus. ahahahahah

  • Anonymous

yajia1, 10 Jan 2013Do you even know a single thing about processors other than core... moreSony doesnt make their own processor if you check the timeline before they design the z, qualcom s4 quadcore was the available that time. They put the latest product available at that moment. And their main feature was camera, sound, screen, water anddust resistant, and design.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013another gimmick? If it was for people like you, we would sti... moreThere always a limit.. Yup you are right.. Technology keep improving.. But.. Don't compare phone with computers.. To performtask using smart phone are limited.. Quad cores are more than enough to using apps and games.. So samsung need and 8 cores smart phone to run a server rite? If that is true.. Just take note that you are using battery to run a server..

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2013Still plastic looks cheap.Each to their own... personally i'm not a fan of the skinny remote control look of the iphone 5.

Plus i get a decent sized screen, usb otg, fm radio, file explorer, NFC, NO ITUNES etc etc