Nokia beats expectations, sells 4.4 million Lumias in Q4

10 January, 2013
The Finnish company saw stronger than expected performance from its phones.

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  • firetrap

if Nokia is more aggressive in their innovations they may win back lost fan base and probably be among top 3 smart phone contenders

  • Anonymous

Apple sold that much in 1 day let alone 1 quarter. But good news for Nokia . Still a long road for recover

nokia is coming,stronger than before

Massy, 10 Jan 2013I just bought a nokia lumia sim free 810 plus JBL Charging speak... moreyou have never owned an iphone 5. it is obvious...

  • Anonymous

Great news! Keep up with the innovation nokia!

  • Adomas

Finally a welcomed come back. I'll wait for the aluminium lumia though.

Sershan, 10 Jan 2013Nokia is back.:))) ROLF

  • ikkie

Nokias potential comeback?

  • mohd

nokia will dominate the market again in few years

finally. a break for Nokia. they have made some drastic changes which seem to pay out. although slowly, but better than nothing.
keep up the good work and bring a WP8 phone wit 41Mp like 808 and lumia's 920 stabilization system.

  • Sershan

Nokia is back.

I just bought a nokia lumia sim free 810 plus JBL Charging speaker dock (great sound & easy to charge fon),plus 32gb Samsung micro sd cost £570. iphone 5 in the bin.

Nice one Nokia

  • 8910i

the king is back