Titanium Gray Samsung Galaxy Premier launched in Taiwan

18 January, 2013
The phone is now on sale and can be purchased for 15,900 Taiwanese Dollars.

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HTC have to premiere their phones in Korea. why these people chose home town of HTC to release their product?

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Anonymous, 18 Jan 2013For the same price I can get a S3. Premier price without prem... morewhat the F######$$$$ dual core compared price to quadcore your rigth that was so over kill price samsung has well known this days thats why all of thier crap android mid range phone they sell it too high from thier spec coz they are hot right now pathetic

its always 8mp why can they never get it to 12!!!

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Very nice price, not expensive at all.

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SDK82, 18 Jan 2013so all u Lumia haters, all those who keep saying that Lumia 920 ... morewake up dude ! nokia is dead...that trojan elop worked his magic flawlessly. Congratulation to MS for geting nokia out of business. I was a nokia fanboy but last 3 nokia phones i got are very bad quality ...and windows on my phone ? it took me years to get rid of all legacy apps i used to need on my desktop so i can move away for all MS crap once and for ever, and now to start all over again on my smartphone ? NO F***ING WAY!

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For the same price I can get a S3.

Premier price without premier specs.

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Anonymous, 18 Jan 2013you get ful samsung experience ( touchwiz and other bloatware cr... moreHurrr pure android durrrrr

Guess what? Pure android isnt even relevant anymore. It's 2013

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Anonymous, 18 Jan 2013a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus (SIM-free/unlocked ver.) can be... moreyou get ful samsung experience ( touchwiz and other bloatware crap preinstaled ) instead Google pure Android AOSP, months of waiting for updates (if any) instead of same day Android update when google release new nersion, and alot more "advantages" for the extra money.

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To all you guys saying this is expensive, way to understand markets os different geographics lmao. Guess what? Iphone 5 costs as much as a whopping 1000 bucks in Asia

so all u Lumia haters, all those who keep saying that Lumia 920 is way too expensive for its specs, what do they have to say now?

Ludovic From France, 18 Jan 2013Sadly, I have to agree :'(Me too looks fugly. Not to mention half their phones look the same (and all fugly). Different colours just makes it rainbow coloured fugly :P

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too pricey!

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a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus (SIM-free/unlocked ver.) can be yours for USD360 here in my country.

i don't understand why this Galaxy Premier priced USD549 since it's only a variant of Galaxy Nexus.

  • Ludovic From France

popye, 18 Jan 2013Still ugly whatever the color.Sadly, I have to agree :'(

Still ugly whatever the color.

  • madpanas

if in taiwan is 550 bucks,in europe will cost same price in euro-I"m alredy loose interest for this phone.better to buy old note which is 350euro and is better.

It was a good phone (Galaxy Nexus), which looked very nice and now it's ugly and too expensive.

And adding colors (basically changing the plastic) doesn't make any difference

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gregariousguy, 18 Jan 2013dear fans of sammy, now would you like to comment on the pricing... morethis question popped into my head also since the price is one of their biggest reasons buying samy's products, the phone comes from Galaxy Nexus leftovers or comebacks like many of their "brand new" coloured and plus/mini/grand ones-it's that thing samy announcing shipments not sells and the fans go into nirvana from that numbers. I don't think you'll get an answer from them since this would imply an logical argument, they are busy trashing and trolling other sections...

  • serge327

Bored with Samsung Design.. Again again again..... And the design very ugly