LG: Nexus 4 production will pick up next month

22 January, 2013
LG France says that Nexus 4 production has increased after Google played the blame game.

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  • Anonymous

Nexus 4 is available in Malaysia but the problem is it must must be tide to a contract with only 1 telco (in fact the worst one), either at MYR 1499 (USD 490) 2 year contract or buy at open price of MYR 1649 (USD 540) & still need to minimum 3 month contract, there is no way to buy the phone contract free or using any other Telco, so far this is the only phone with such a rediculous rule, is really frustrating, i hope Google or LG should look into this.

  • TheyLostBuyers

Not sure here, but i think they lost buyers. The reason i'm thinking it is this way is because there are many people out there, who wanted a nexus 4. Pre-ordered from various sites in europe (which offered no play store). They didn't have the phone in stock not even 2 months later. Thus, i came to the conclusion that i don't want this phone anymore. Not even a friend from Germany (play store was able to get his hands on it). i'll wait for the samsung galaxy s 4 or something better or as good.

If they wanna sell their product they should have moved their asses and started producing more of these units earlier and not.... what's today? the 22nd of january? Wow! 20 more days and it's 3 months and they still didn't get their shit together.

It will come to India in February,approx price will be 25 to 28k

  • Anonymous

I'd buy this phone in a flash but the lack of internal memory and non expandable SD card just made it a no go for me... Shame really as it's a good phone.

  • Anonymous

Three things: it has tiny built-in storage..an sdCard slot would NOT raise the price that much.
Seriously, it's been way too long for it to still not have a common smart-dialer.
I know it and flash had a sort of falling out..but going out of your way to BLOCK flash use on the default browser and 4.1 versions of alternate browsers is B.S.

OH, one more thing, why do newer nexus phones BLOCK theselves from receiving apps bluetoothed from a paired device? Non of my other phones do this and it's an easy way to pass on cool sideloaded apps. I have to relabel apk as mp3 in order to trick the nexus into allowing the transfer!

  • Tim

Sid, 22 Jan 2013When will this phone be available in india? Any idea what the co... moreIt's partially available in Pakistan for Rs54k. I believe in India the price will be Rs22-25k range

  • dasd

boosook, 22 Jan 2013A friend of mine bought a GS3 chinese replica: same design, same... moreits chinese...

of course it will pick up

LG now have 1080p model, gotta sell those now.

  • MYA

I had made up my mind to buy this phone but never able to get one. i felt like cheated as it was all available from everywhere except google's shop. i am never going to buy google's mobile and now waiting for S4 1080p

shortage or not, still manufacturers and other small companies are providing high spec phones with cheaper price, pantech's vega racer was one nice quality phone with cheaper price, huawei and micromax too are providing good phones with cheaper price, guess google needs to battle those and forget about the sinking iphones

LMAO! I'd rather get the Nexus 4 than some cheap Micromax with a A7 quad core chip, there is a reason that Micromax is so cheap, it runs on a Cortex A7 based quad core, has 1gb ram, not that much ROM, and other cheap components.

I finally got mine yesterday after waiting over 6 weeks for it. Google are an absolute joke. I had to change my payment card after I ordered it 7 weeks ago because my card snapped. I informed customer services last week and they said my order would be cancelled. I ignored this and waited, good thing too as it got declined and I changed the card number and they sent it the next day!! Im from the UK and to have to speak to arrogant Americans who know nothing of customer services or the workings of their company was infuriating.

  • Sid

When will this phone be available in india? Any idea what the cost bracked would be?

  • boosook

tonyclark, 22 Jan 2013first comment! Unfortunately it's too late to win the battle ... moreA friend of mine bought a GS3 chinese replica: same design, same screen size but price wasa 127 euros. The problem is that the hardware is NOT the same... screen has the same size but quality can't be compared, the camera is awful, plastics are cheap and so on.
So the problem is: yes, we can discuss if 300 euros of difference in the price are worth the difference in quality , but the truth is always that you get what you pay for, even if the specs may look similar on paper.

  • Tiger

Looking Good

  • Anonymous

tonyclark, 22 Jan 2013first comment! Unfortunately it's too late to win the battle ... moreUmm people buy the nexus not just for the cheap price but it has the quickest update and support and it's just a good phone. Those other phone companies with cheaper price phones wouldnt stand a chance against the nexus, well for now.

  • Anonymous

nice mobil

first comment!

Unfortunately it's too late to win the battle now, since phone's like Micromax A116 with a quad core chip, and 720p IPS screen has been shipped for 250 dollars, Huawei is providing cheaper phones as cheap as 300 Dollars, while 1080p screen phones would be available for $500, with a memory card slot, Nexus 4 isn't going to be cutting edge with pricing anymore.

  • fineemian

Hmm who is to blame.
Either way get the device in the hands of user so we can comment about it downside so it could be better improved. simple